A bad day?

Okay well today in woke up wanting to unicycle and decides to practice some trials. There was this wall tht was like a foot and a half big which in was easily able to do 2 days ago.( i did not ride yesterday because of a little vacation trip. Then today i try and totally fail and scratch my leg and elbow up.I kept trying and trying but it was of no use. Was it that one day of not riding or am I just having an off day? Oh and also I have a acrappy torker lx which is starting to break down so I think it might be that. Anyone else ever have this problem and a way to fix it? Thanks in advance!


off day.

give it time, its really mostly in your confidence.

learning ANYTHING on the uni involves a major up and down learning curve. one day youll do awesome when you’re learning something…the next its like you never even practiced.

just wait for everything in your brain and muscles to register…it will come…and don’t get frustrated.

That is life and the hard way of learning. If you learn something new (or reach new heights in trials for example) that is no guarantee that you are able to do it next time. Though with training things will get consitent.

Im not saying its this cause you didnt say wether you got really anoyed but what sometimes happens to me is that I can normally do something then I try and fail big time. It makes me quite angry so I do it over and over no stopping getting really annoyed and I cant do it. So I go inside calm down go out again and do it first time lol :smiley:

You are not alone :smiley:

lol I had the same problem yesterday. Two days ago I did a personal best 55cm high hop, and when I came back the next day, I couldn’t do it. :angry: