a 720 finally!!

so stoked!



that was so cool i had to comment on both of these threads.

nice work. next time im in sydney i really wanna ride with you. do you ride with tomsey?


That was amazing!

Landed seat in, rolling, hardly any hops. Thats great man.

yes first non australian to congratulate you lol, that was quality so f*****n smooth wowzaaa!


awesome!!! very clean the cleanest i’ve ever seen

That was amazing!

sick nice job

Great job man. You’re probably the first person to land it rolling.

One thing I noticed is right after the first 180 degrees, the cranks are in the opposite position. Could this mean that there was a flip in there? Here is a still to demonstrate:

Either way, you are amazing.

uni.bmp (312 KB)


I don’t beleive it… wow.

Would you be able to land it again?

Holy crap! That’s so sick!
It’s amazing how you land it, without catching the uni with your hands.

that was so awesome…great job :smiley:

I was expecting a 720 hoptwist, but that was really cool.

yor’re crazy!!! very good guy!!! :astonished: :wink:

that was sick

has anyone other then you and shaun J done one?

That was awesome! Congrats…

Definitly one of the harder skills that has been done on a unicycle and the first time i’ve seen it done on a street/trials unicycle.

I’d say probably 5+ people have done them. Shaun J. is the only person i’ve seen be able to do it somewhat consistently, but hopefully we’ll see more people busting them out.


thanks for the comments!

yeah ill hit it again for sure, alot more.

lol i just find it easier that way i guess, i land no hands with all my spins now.

once again thanks!

Wow, that is amazing. How you manage to catch the uni is beyond me. Congrats

that was soooo awesome and the cleanest 720 i have ever seen gratz…