a 720 finally!



SMURF YEAH! that was insane as. you sound so typical aussie. haha. that was crazy as. nice work

That was fantastic!

Nicely done.

Australian’s sound so weird in videos.



That was killer sweeeet. Congrats my friend. Now for the 1080 haha :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Insane!! you sound so australian…hahaha

matt, dude that was average…

hahahaha nah thats sweet as! gotta come up there and get some tips lol

How about 900 first? :roll_eyes: Wow! First rolling 720 unispin I guess.

wow huge lovin it,

Aussie’s rip

That was incredible!

Very very impressive! Do you have any more vids? I want to see more!

It is about time someone did it again. I think people have shy’ed away from them recently (past 2 years) but I have a feeling big unispins are gonna come back again.

Oh, real nice job, bitchin’.


very true! it has been more about the flips lately, BRING BACK THE BIFF… i mean unispins haha

Australians sound so cool :stuck_out_tongue:
Good job

Great job man. You’re probably the first person to land it rolling.

One thing I noticed is right after the first 180 degrees, the cranks are in the opposite position. Could this mean that there was a crankflip in there? Here is a still to demonstrate:

Either way, you are amazing.

That was AWESOME! First one I’ve seen on video, and maybe only the second person I’ve seen do it. The first was Andy Schwartz from TCUC in the late 90s.

Not to be a nit-picker, but you only managed about 690 or so there. In a Standard Skill competition you’d only get 50%! Ouch! But landing it was the huge part, and on video, and close enough to the camera for a good view. I loved the way the thing is just hands-free spinning there for a second. Only by virtue of the video do we see the exact takeoff and landing angles, which might not get noticed otherwise. It was awesome nevertheless.

John, Shaun Johanneson did one a couple years back, and its on video somewhere (I’m looking online right now). Turns out I can’t find it. But I’m positive its around somewhere. Shaun, or someone who knows where it is, post the link, its pretty sweet.


here i think

I’m sure this is the first 720 unispin ever done on anything other than a freestyle uni AND the first ever rolling one… amazing, inspiring stuff. I’m still struggling a bit with injury but am gonna put in many more hours this year.

Shaun’s 720 is in this youtube video aswell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-PiKGQYx6M

It’s just the 3 of them (Andy, Shaun, Matty) who’ve ever landed it, in what, 8-9 years? Rare statistic if so.

Wow, another amazing vid. What a great collection of all Shaun’s best moves! As long as you leave the sound off (extremely offensive lyrics). And his 720 makes it all the way around.

shaun for president