A 36 inch bike, and public thanks!

I would first like to thank the members of the forum for all of their advice. In building this bike, I drew from many personal experiances of many 36 inch Coker riders. It would have been difficult, if not impossible for me to do this wthout you. I know it’s off topic, but here’s the link if anyone’s interested. Thanks again,


Very cool looking bike. There are a couple of folks around me who have the Coker beach cruiser bike but yours looks way more awesome. How’s it ride?

That is such a neat bike and amazing that it apparently rides well given the size.

How did you cut the tread on the TA tires? Do you have any problems with your foot hitting the front tire as you pedal?

Introducing this wheel size to the bicycling community can only be beneficial for us. Thanks for your effort. It’s a behemoth of a mountainbike.

A search found the thread you started about cutting the TA tire: 36" Wheels TA tire converstion. I had missed that thread before. Very neat. The TA tire is more grippy than you would expect from a slick once you wear through or rub off the outer skin on the rubber.

A stellar example of “using the search.”

That wicked. I want a 36" bike… If I had the wheels around, I’d definitely slap up a frame for it.

I think it’s going to be cool. With any luck, we can get a standard established, therefore eliminating the tire/rim fiascos of late. I think it will benefit everyone. Thanks for the replies, oh, and it is the most fun bike to ride I own!


what did you build it for ?

Maybe it was for those who want some serious speed or distance. :smiley:

I built it mainly for the fun of it. It was a huge challenge in terms of design, as many factors are very different with wheels the large. For riding, I did it for the same reason people ride 36" unicycles, they are just cool. The have certain technical advantages, but hey, they’re just really just fun to ride. As a unicycle this is a practical matter, the bigger wheel, the faster you go, (over simplified of course.) On a bike, it is a bit of a novelty, but a great fun one at that.

Nice bike. In want one. The idea of a lite 36 frame and the lite rims as well on any type of bike sounds great. Maybe we will see some new lite tyres in various tread patterns in the future.

what kind of hub did you use? just a standard hub I would assume or is there some extra wide hub for bikes?

thats what i thought but from the looks of it are you gona use it for off road ?

I will be using it offroad. Nothing too crazy, but it will be a lot of fun.

I used a Surly single speed rear disc hub for the front wheel, and a Profile Racing 6 spd rear in the back. These are both 135mm wide at the axles, similar to most Uni hubs. This is why the spokes work out so well. The hubs are normal rear hubs, it is a little odd to use them on the front as well, but not that different.