A $3 Savage Deal

I was at our local Ace Hardware store last weekend, which I had heard for some reason carried unicycles. So I asked the lady if they had any, and she showed me two Savages, a somewhat rusty 20" and a brand new 24" I couldn’t believe the $3 price tag on the things (especially considering the cost of shipping things down here), but she assured my they were $3 each, on clearance.
I guess they weren’t exactly selling like hotcakes. But to me, they’re worth way more than $3 for the cranks alone. So, now I’ve got two perfectly good uni’s for playing around on and teaching friends. (I really didn’t want to lend out my brand new Yuni 29er, which I love by the way)
Pretty cool, eh?

That is one savage deal! Where exactly do you live?


I live on the island of Tutuila, in American Samoa, which is in the central, South Pacific.

Good to hear you got your cranks. That is a good deal. Just hope you are able to swap that saddle out.


What, there isn’t a huge demographic for unicycle buyers in AMERICAN SAMOA?