A 24 inch for older guy?

I am new to this site. But I am an older unicyclist, 52 years old, and have ridden since age 13. This is my first post. My skill level is between level 1 and 2. I learned on a 16 inch uni, and soon after went to a 20 inch uni. I am looking to buy a new uni on the internet, so I do not have the opportunity to try a new one. My question is: how difficult is it to begin riding a 24 inch uni? Or, at my age should I stay with a 20 inch? Thanks for any insights!

i learned to ride on a 24 just fine. i started on a sun, but it gave out pretty quick. what kinda of uni to get really depends on what kind of riding you’re going to do with it

If you can already ride a 20", it won’t take you more than a few minutes to be able to ride a 24".

Heck no. Give it a couple of weeks and you’ll be wanting a 36" wheel. :slight_smile:

windermerefl-- I just returned (a hour ago) from helping a neighbor girl make the transition from a 20" to a 24" Torker LX. She got the hang of it in a half-hour’s time. Personally, four years ago, at age 50, I learned to unicycle on a 20" wheel, graduated quickly to the 24" wheel, and then went on to master the 29’ and 36" wheels. Each wheel size handles a little differently, but for most of my riding, which is outdoors on residential streets and bikepaths, I prefer the two larger wheel sizes. I think that the 24" wheel works well for most casual indoor riding. --carl

A 24" is good, you’ll hop on and ride in seconds. Id guess your probably just into riding around for fun, so a good uni would be maybe one of these.




This one’s a little less expensive


So yeah, these are all good for just riding around and having fun.

24" is better

I barely learned to ride and turn on an old 20" with a painful seat. I got a 24" muni a couple weeks ago.
The large knobby tire rumbles down the road, and was almost impossible to turn.
Now, I have grown used to it. I just started trying short cuts through gravel, so I guess the knobby stays. Everything is a compromise. A narrow smooth tire is best for the road, the fat muni tire is best at everything else.
The 24" is much better for my kind of general neighborhood exploring then the 20 " was. Faster, less tedious.
I hope to try some other sizes before I get another one. I don’t like riding the 24" down sidewalks at night, they keep jumping up and bumping the wheel. Maybe a larger wheel would even the cracks out.
I don’t know what age has to do with it. I’m 48 and I wear wrist wraps. So far no real injuries, just a little blood. At our age it’s the sofa that’s killing us !

Me and my dad both bought 24" uni’s after learning on 20"s.

We bought a Nimbus II 24" with a smooth tyre and a off road tyre. If you are just going on smooth tracks, i recommend buying one with a road tyre like the hookworm… This makes them alot easier to ride, although the off road tyres look better!

You will learn straight away, however, my dad still sometimes finds free mounting hard.

I realy like 24"s, if you just ride alot the above problems will soon disapear :wink:

In an effort to help you, I put “24 inch” and “older guy” into Google.

With hindsight, I should also have put the word “unicycle” in as well. On the plus side, I’ve met lots of interesting people.

If you knew how to ride at some point, it will probably come back quickly, so the difference between a 20" and 24" won’t be bad. I say go for a 24" MUni, so you can start going off-road immediately, rather than having to buy another one.


OK, you guys/gals have convinced me. I will order the 24 inch shortly. Thanks for all the input. After getting it, I will post the results.

Well, I’m 50 and just bought a 24" Torker DX and it rides a lot better than my old 26".

Just for more support, I started unicycling this past Christmas at age 54 on a KH24, and last month I was at Moab Munifest having the best time of my life!

13.5 miles Sunday up and down Pritchett Canyon. Woo-hoo!

Glad to hear it!

At age 13 I learned on a 24 Swinn. I recently began riding again and bought a 24 noname (Swinn specs), some super support from experienced riders on this forum convinced me that I could handle a 29. So I listened. Bought it. Rode it. Love it.

I think after riding the 24 for a short time you will be amazed at the difference.

Ordered the Torker AX 24-inch over the weekend. Expected delivery is Wednesday the tenth. I will let you all know how it goes for the old guy. (Can an old guy learn new tricks!?)

sure, just ask muniaddict!

I think you’ll really like the 24 inch uni. I learned on a 24 and though I fooled around with a 20 inch for a while (that does sound a little off, doesn’t it?!) I prefer the 24 or 29 inch wheel.

24 is so versatile, faster than a 20 but easier to handle than a 29’er or 36’er.

Can’t wait to read more of your progress reports.

Hahah! Now that is comedy!


Mikefule; always good for a laugh. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve been riding for a little over 2 years now and started on a 20. Moved up to a 24 before I could even ride the 20. Now own 2 24s, a 29 and a 36. I use them all pretty equally. Just depends on the type of riding I want to do. I think you’ll be really happy with a 24. I think, if I really had to decide between them, my Torker DX24 would be my favorite. Very manuverable and fun. Fortunately, I don’t have to decide. :smiley: