a 21 year old unicyclist....hey thats me!

really strange music video i found while poking around on youtube.
I thought it was apporpriate since i just turned 21 and im a unicyclist;)


That’s absolutely bizarre! Well found, eh?
And Happy Birthday too.

thats is a very very weird song

I second that, lol.

she could steal my heart… :sunglasses:

a good made vid!!! :slight_smile:


Very weird, and I’ve still got a few months to go.


i seriously wonder if she was trippin when she made this…
she could have spent the time making the video on learning to ride…

Yeah, totally reminds me of an acid trip. lol
Pretty cool though, in that weird kinda indy sort of way.

ya, thats pretty strange… i love it tho! ima have that as my 21st birthday song =P

that was the longest 4 mins of my life… welp, never gonna get that time back

For a moment there, I thought you had a new girlfriend.
Weird as it was, its one of the best unicycle songs ever

Wow, great find.

If Only… if only.