9th Birmingham Circus Convention (UK) - May 1st 2004

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It’s nearly time for…

…the 9th Birmingham Circus Convention.

              Saturday May 1st, 2004

                 10am until 10pm

          Ladywood Arts and Leisure Centre,
          Monument Rd, Ladywood, Birmingham, UK

6 pounds in advance (if you’re quick), 8 pounds on the door
Concessions 6 pounds
Under 8’s free

What does that include?

Children's Show (in the afternoon)
Renegade Show
Public Show

What about the unicyclists?

Separate unicycling hall
Beginners' Workshop
Intermediate Workshop
Unicycle Hockey

Our talent scouts, Pan and Bob, have once again been out and about
searching for the best acts around. They never let us down. Just look at
this year’s lineup:

Toby Walker - Legendary Juggler
The best club juggler there is. We’ve been trying to book him for the
BCC show for years. In the past we’ve had to settle for the likes of Jay
Gilligan. Not this time. We’ve got him. Yay!

Mikel - Club Manipulation
He’s got a club and he’s not afraid to use it.

Steve Arnold - Diabolo and Balls
Regular BCC attendees know exactly who Steve is. He’s the local lad done
good. See just how good he done it.

Pascal / Brim Full - Hat Manipulation
“Brim Full” - a talented trio manipulating up to 8 hats.
“Hip Hop Hats” - fast paced hat manipulation in a wide boy style.

Street B Boys - Break Dancing
Ever on the lookout for variety, we’ve got the boys with the moves.

Gavin Prime - Comedy Entertainer
We always like a bit of comedy at BCC. Sometimes we even book a comedian.

Trevor - Acrobatic Unicycling
Something for the unicycle-fans this year - and it don’t get much better
than this.

Rob Firey - Ball Juggling
A regular performer at BCC - with a whole new act.

…and your compere for the evening…
Mr Tim Foolery.

Check out http://www.bhamcircus.co.uk

Thanks for your time.