9th Annual South African Juggling and Unicycling Convention

yeah, it’s that time of the year again
time to start trying to drum up an international contingent to attend our Juggling and Unicycling Convention

for all the info u need, go to www.juggle.co.za and click on the ‘Convention’ link in the left hand side menu

this is the emblem designed for the convention
i think it’s pretty kewl

who attending?


i think i found it tom!

i’m going to keep bumping this thread till i get someone to register

Find someone to babysit my kids (and brother) for the week and I’ll sign up. After this year I NEED THE BREAK!


will u wait untill this thread goes off the front page before u ask that?

last chance

no, seriously


A Quick Pic

from this year’s convention, here’s a pic of yours truly MC’ing the Renegade Show
on a uni, naturally

and the pic…

(my kingdom for redeye redux)

more pics are here

i’ll leave u with a pic of me and garth and our ‘Xtreem Scrabble’ skit at the renegade show

xtrem scrabble compr.jpg

do you have script of your scrabble skit?

yeah, here it is

curtain opens
sitting on either side of the table, center stage, are the two players
dave takes some tiles from the bag and places them on his tray
they stare at the board
garth picks up a dictionary
garth puts the dictionary down
they stare at the board

hi jagur

garth: “i think it’s your turn”

dave: “oh”

curtain closes

and the last bit was an add-lib on garth’s part as we realised that we’d forgotten to arrange a cue for the curtain guys to close the curtains after out minimalist, unspoken piece of theatre-of-the-absurd
apparantly ‘30 seconds’ wasn’t clear enough for them…

Made an attempt, but those far-away red eyes are the most difficult ones to remove.

Klaas Bil

thanx klaas
now, instead of demonic, i just look evil
a definite improvement
i had a go with the ‘red eye removal’ in windows picture editor but without any success
i really thought modern digicams didn’t do the red-eye thing anymore