999 users....

were doin good!999 users so far

its 1000 now

jimmy, member 1000 sould come out and say somthing.speech speech!

(David Taps a Champagne glass) Here, Here, stand up young man, and take a bow, and tell us about yourself. Hmm, this is a good way to prevent anyone from being a lurker. As soon as they join, just call them out.
-David Kaplan

OK, due to popular pressure (alright 2) I will post a message so as not to be labeled a lurker.

I have only been unicycling seriously for a few months mainly due to unicycle hockey.

I have posted before, just not as being a member of unicyclist.com.

Currently a friend and I are organising a Unicycle Trip around Tasmania and we are trying to get some international riders to come and join us on it.

If you are interested please check out our web site.


Hopefully that will pass as an acceptance speech.


James (jimmy)

<stands up and claps>

Re: 999 users…

<stands up and snaps fingers beatnik-style>

onya James

Yeah, thought I had better register for unicyclist.com. I am the other half of the unicycle tasmania tour, and am hoping to get a few more riders involved.

Re: 999 users…

>>> Hmm, this is a good way to prevent
anyone from being a lurker.

Why would you want to prevent this?

Sounds like a great trip! My ex and I took the bus around Tas once upon a time.