990 breaks

It werid that maguras are the standard for unicycle brakes. The main addvantage to maggies is thier vice-like grip on a rim for the ultimate trials bike lock. Which is what unicyclers never want, Unicyclers need modulation. Though it would require a special hub, For the best modulation a disc is the way to go. No leg bumping of any kind there.

Yeah you realy think so?
Search for some MUNI footage from Kris Holm.
His Magura’s squick like hell sometimes.


you would need some kind of guard though or it would get smashed on a muni. Someone mentioned in another thread that when you ride skinnies it is not uncommon to fall to the side where you would land on the disc.

I guess it depends on the setup. My maguras on my kh muni dont make noise.

yeah well a guard would be really really easy to make.

Trialsin, has some special brake pads especialy made for V brakes. They are made out of the same stuff they use for their special mag pads, so they would probably be really good, maybe too good though.