990 breaks

why is it that no unicycle frame comes with 990 mounts? do most people prefer hydraulic or magura breaks?

Hydraulic brakes are much better than 990’s.

I personally prefer V-Brakes over 990’s on a BMX.

I think munis should come with v brakes.

Why not Magura’s? They’re so much smoother.

Plus Magura’s sound cool.

do you attache v-brakes on 990 mounts?

Maguras dont make any sound.

The pads do.

At least on Trials Bikes they do…

Thats because trials bikers grind their rims and use tar. My rear mod rim on my bike used to be pretty silent before Evan coated it with tar, now you can hear it a mile away.

Maguras on unis are silent though.

Oh damn, I love the sound of a trials rider.

That grinding sounds awesome to me, I hate videos with music and no sounds from the bikes.

Ha, after Evan put all that tar on my rim I was testing it out and riding fast then only breaking with the rear and it was so loud my neighbors came out to see what it was:o

Can you video tape that for me? I’d love to see what kind of sound it makes if you ride the breaks.

Ha, sure. I’ll do that tomorrow when its light out.


At moab im going to go around at night and coat everyones rims in tar, the next day they will have no modulation and lots of noise.

That’s mean :roll_eyes:

Ha, they will be flying down a hill at 20mph then tap the brake and fly.

Fly into a lawyer and sue Evan probably, now that we know who is going to do it.

It would still be funny to see that, tap Aaaaaaaaaah!

I’m kind of undecided on this.

V-brakes are okay on 29ers, but with a super fat tyre on a muni, some people find they rub on their legs. It’s partly about mount placement, but also leg shape/length makes a big difference. Also, if you hop a lot seat out front, they can get a bit in the way. Having said that, Joe McLeans 26" didn’t seem to have any problems with this, I think because of better brake mount placement.

They have a big advantage that it isn’t anywhere near so easy to destroy the cable / fittings as a magura hose. It is possible to crash hard on the wiggly bend bit that the cable goes into and break that though. They also have the advantage that cables are lightweight and can be replaced whilst on the trail, without carrying fluid around with you. I’ve been on several rides with magura riders where they’ve pulled out the hose and had no brake for the rest of the ride.

In terms of modulation and stuff, v brakes seem very similar when setup well.

If only there was a sensible way to fit a cable disc brake to munis, that’d seem like the obvious nice thing to do.


Actual part name is a “Noodle”.

Monty sells an adaptor so you can feet V’s in magura fittings, and they are cheap (sorry I can`t find them in their web). They are two screws with the V’s mounts.

Also other brands have got adaptors:

and woodward also:


Monty also sells a V’ brakes witch are taller than normal V’s ( they use them for cheap trials bike) The pads aren´t good but the levers will feet a 3.0 tire.

V’s are cheaper and easier to adjust than magura.