"9103 - sto. antônio/sta. tereza" new video from Brazil

Me and picado have been unicyling for about 2 years now and we decided to make a video.

The footage was made in january and the video took a little long to be finished because we were really worried with the editing and music syncronizing.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

give us feedback too!

wow!! its done!
I really enjoyed doing this video, was my first unicycling movie and my first unicycling road trip
i travelled like 800kilometers to meet with francisco and ride together in the city of Belo Horizonte

The name of the movie is due to the bus we was taking everyday to go to the locations

Next brazilian unicycling movie will be in São Paulo , my city . And with a decent camera :slight_smile:

i hope you all enjoy 9103 - Sta Tereza / Sto antonio

Valeu xicao! Eh nois vei! Achei doido demais!

Thank you all

Brazilian Unicycling Crew

Nice video! You guys have mad skills for 2 years of riding!! Your city looks like a great place to ride.

You guys have really cool sidewalks!

I’ll take that back when I’m older and am in a wheelchair… :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe the city of belo horizonte is the city of the hills
some of them the cars just cant go up

going down some sidewalks like those give the felling of a hardcore muni

I really liked the urban muni part! I love how it was really long takes, not just little two second clips constantly flashing at you with another trick. Its cool to have variety but I like to think I have more than a two second attention span.

I just wish you guys had a better camera and better skills with it. The whole shaky camera thing was driving me nuts. Try building a glidecam.

I was going to say, I love anti-ADA sidewalks.