90degree unispin to tire comp?

Hell yea, I forgot about this comp this morning… Im going to practise now.

second and third!?
screw homework I’m getting me a pixelated trophy!
(but probably not)

Okay, I’ve pretty much mastered the trick for the most part. I’ve found that my faults before were all in the hand placement… I have a much easier time with my left hand on the back bumper, and my right hand in the middle, as i spin it to the right.

Would you guys count it, if after I landed on the tire, I didn’t spin it back, and just jumped to the pedals?

I have to catch it on fim, and my neighbor has the tape for it, and I need to wait for him to get out of the shower… I’ll upload the footy once I get the tape. : )

Sorry for the tripple post, but heres the link…


Yep, Beeper wins second place.

Still wish I could have competed, but my back is still sketchy :frowning:

I think I might make a 60 cm or 70 cm sidehop comp when spring comes around or when my back’s better.

We can still have some more entrants : )

If not, you guys want to make another competition for a different trick?

If it’s not to much to ask, could you wait a while, maybe a week or so for my back to heal?

EDIT: Beeper, aren’t you supposed to put 2nd place in front of that trophy :thinking: or am I wrong???

Sure, but what trick do you want it to be?

EDIT: I wasn’t aware… I thought as long as you hit the trick the trophy is yours… Okay, i’ll put 2nd place.

perhaps a smallspin? or a donkey kick? just some ideas.

I can already smallspin, and a donkey kick sounds a bit to advanced… How bout sideways wheelwalk?

Being that we just learned the base of it…

sideways whel walk sounds cool to me, how many revs counts as a completion of the trick? (back to pedals/cranks of course)

Interesting… I thought a lot of you wouldnt even be able to normal ww…

lol i dont think they realise how hard sideways ww can be.

8 revs sideways wheelwalk competitiong in a week or 2 maybe???

ive been practicing sideways WW’s for like 2 months and still cant land them

How about jumping 90 to wheel spinning the uni 180 to wheel again and then to pedals?

The fact that i cant even normal wheel walk, should not and will not stop me attempting to sideways wheel walk :slight_smile:

of course i may not be able to get it for a while, but i dont see the harm in trying.

Im up for sideways ww :slight_smile:

I can one footed ww… I’ve known how to for quite some time.

Still deciding the trick? Or is it sideways ww?

I’ve got golf practise for the next few days, so even if I come close, then it will have to wait for the weekend.