90degree unispin to tire comp?

Anyone up for it?

I havn’t gotten one yet, and I need some sort of inspiration… Anyone wanna join up?

If nobody wants to join, its cool, I need some sort of comp to get me off my ass, as well as the fact that it’ll open up other doors to unicycling like sideways wheelwalks, and streetlanding tricks and whatever.

Name: Brendan Roman
Tricks: 3spin, Rolling wrap, varial, smallspin, and a few others.
Favorite Pizza topping: Sausage

Do you have to get back to your pedals, or is just 90 spin to wheel and then falling 5 seconds afterwards ok? Cause I’ve already done the second one…

Haha, back to the cranks/pedals.

I cant seem to do that… I get on the tire, then lose balance.

I guess whatever is more comfortable… I think i’ll try spinning it back where I started after I jump off the tire. Tricks to me are generally harder when i land them with the uni facing me.

I just went out and did this on my MUni, it’s way easier than you think it is, don’t think, just do it. (I can unispin though, that may be part of it too :))

Awesome, a competition I can finally compete in :slight_smile:

Name: Jon Bognar
Tricks: doing trials line, 180 unispin, gliding, and other semi-nub tricks :slight_smile:

I can 3spin, and this trick is actually harder than I thought it would be. Its staying balanced and hopping on the tire that i’m having trouble with. I’ll get on the tire, then i’ll try to jump back to the pedals, and one foot is pressing harder than the other, and it turns into a monkey kick, that I have no chance of landing anyway, lol.

heres the banner for your signatures when you get it on film.

If anyone knows how to show the coding, then please tell me.

I can hop all I want on the tyre and get back to cranks, but for some reason I just can’t unispin to tyre, i have to mount onto it. Im close to a 540 unispin, and i can’t even 90. It’s just my defect i guess. I’d enter this comp, but I don’t have my uni right now cuz it’s in the shop, and I have a feeling the contest will be over really fast.

Good Luck everyone!

UHGG, I just remembered my back is like, killing me. My chances are dead.


just a note, I CAN 540 unispin but i have trouble with these, i find doing a 270 to tire is easier for me… and i normally just finnish the 360

just me tho

im in

i can only 180 unispin and do other crud tricks but its worth a try! bring on the saw horse cameraman :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone! I’ll flim tomorrow, im much too tired, and its dark out.

I hope nobody lands it before then!


enjoy :slight_smile: yusss this must be the first thing ive ever won… if i did it right that is.

Stupid Time zones… Yep, good job. Once I find out how to Show the Coding of the prize, you can put it in your sig.

I came close before in my basement… Im done practising for the night.


Haha thanks alot, yeah I guess I had some sort of advantage regarding time zones.
Keep going your sure to get it!

Lucky you lol.It sucks i havent entered any comps yet cause i have either landed the trick before or the comp is way too hard.You should learn smallspins before josh hehe.

Dang, the first comp I would have a chance in I’m not allowed to join in as I can already do the trick :frowning:

Are second and third place still up for grabs?

lame, I go to kansas for less than two days and I miss a comp I actually had a slim shot at!

I think people should re-do old, easy comps for the newbies, instead of just making things like 900unispin comps.