90cm side-hop competition


So hungry4uni and I are currently having a friendly competition to 90cm … but then Pat Lally wanted to join, so I may as well post it here, so anybody can join :slight_smile:

The competition will start Sunday June 21, 2009 @ 12:00 AM.


-Can’t have already side-hoped 90cm or higher
-Static or with prehop
-Onto a ledge or over a bar
-Must be on camera
-Must film the measuring tape
-Can’t be 89cm

Could somebody make a 90cm sig thing? There will be 3 places. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

So, if you want to be apart of the competition … just say so.



Im in :smiley:

I’M IN!!
God, this comp is just perfect! I’m at 89 cm, and it feels like I could pretty easily hop higer if I tried. :smiley:

Is the comp already going, or do we wait for the 5th person to join?

Just as many people we can get until this Sunday.


I’m in! I’m at 88cm over a bar:)

no fun…
you should allow rolling hops.

Haha, sorry … no rolling-hops :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha, maybe you should work on something else other than rolling-hops though :wink:


So the comp. starts at sunday?


So you can’t land the 90cm until Sunday or after. You can practice sidehops, just not 90cm :wink:


Cool. I think I’ll go do it first thing in the day after breakfast. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, ok I’m in, but I’m only at 75cm, is anyone else as far behind as I am?

i’ve already broken 90… i just have not seen any newer riders breaking out 90 cm rolling hops…

i dont know why but i find rolling hops really really hard :thinking:

i’ll enter to give jason some company :wink:
well i wont oficially enter, but my highest pedal grab is 85cm, so im going to try for 90 and see how it goes

i can do 85 rolling hop now.Maybe ill try and push for 90cm soon

I’m in, but it’s likely going to take me a while to get to 90. I’m at 80 cm right now, and I whacked my left hand (my free hand) pretty good a couple of days ago. It needs a bit to heal still.

Im in, but I won’t be able to ride until saturday or maybe even later cause I pulled a bunch of muscle in my back and my highest record so far is around 76 cm. Mind you my record 2 weeks go was under 60cm.

I might have a go at this if I get time. Im on about 85cm at the moment.

hmm, i’m in ^^, i can hop 74 so far but I got vacation coming up, so i can practice allot! ^^ ( a week ago my record was ±65)