900 Unispinn Competiton

Hi everybody
it`s time for a 900 comp

i think you now the rules of a competiton it start when 3 people join

good luck!


I hope Chris enters.

yes must be on flat
never landd before
must landed on 19 inch wheel or bigger

are you in?

I’ll enter

Nice, me too.

I’m in

me too

I´m in.:slight_smile:

ok guys so let us start

I’m in

i’m in! :smiley:


im in i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in, too :slight_smile:

i’m in :slight_smile:

Stian Remme want me to tell you guys thats hes in :smiley:

So, Stian Remme is IN

l m in :slight_smile:

im in! :smiley:

Im in

I can’t remember if I ever entered this, but I’m in :slight_smile: