900° Unispin?

Has anyone ever landed one? Is it possible? Or is the maximum (current and/or ever) 720?


Loic Baud and Adrien Decleroix landet them a few month ago. Loic was the first one was far as I know.

You’ve got a link or a video?

Search for a video called Chupitos on Youtube… Loic posted it (his user is monodu25).

You can also download the video from K1 website!



Thx :slight_smile: That’s absolutely incredible :slight_smile: In the end part you’ve also got a 1080, but he doesn’t land it :frowning: But wow 900 degrees:) And it’s a cool movie al the way, the rolling hops and stuff…

Very good but i was hoping that it was on the ground, not off something.

That was a 900, not a 1080. He started with the seat backwards, thats probably what had you fooled.

It was an attempted 1080 actually.

Not to close…

There was an attempted 900 in the end, and an attempted 1080 :slight_smile:

The coolest would be if it worked on the ground :slight_smile: I saw a movie of 720 unispins on the ground followed by a mammoth spin, on the ground. If someone is able to do that, wouldnt he be able to do a 900 unispin, on level ground?

That was Chris Huriwai you saw. And he should practise 900 unispins more :p. I reckon he would be able to with a bit of practise, maybe he already has.

I agree that they would be much kooler on flat ground. I’m sure someone will get them on flat soon.

I think it looks 2000 times better not on flat ground. And I dont get most people on this forum. If somebody does flat everybody writes big street is dying do more big street, if somebody lands a crazy trick not on flat everybody says that it is ok but it would be realy awsome if he lands it on flat.

It’s not taht its cooler on flat ground, maybe I said that, but I mostly mean, it’s harder, you need more experience to do it on flat ground, you have to jump higher, twist faster etc. So it’s harder, wich makes it cooler to me, but off something is cooler to the public.

Look at a kickup mount. I think it isn’t cool at all, beacause it’s easy, but it gives an enormous WOW-effect in the non-unicycling public :slight_smile:

I think that a 900 in flat would be more impressive than in the way that Loic and Adrien landed. But it would be WAY COOLER if he could land it rolling down a box…

Tha static trick don’t look that good…

Down a box? How do you mean?

He means that the way Loic and Adrien did it is not impressive. They did it by hopping for a little bit, then doing it down a ledge.

What he is saying, is that it would only look good down a ledge if it was rolling, meaning that they would just ride, take a small pause, and with no hops before the trick, just jump and do a 900 down a ledge.

I personally don’t think that a 900 unispin would be all that cool.

It’s one of those tricks that is only really worthwhile to land for historical purposes. Otherwise it’s kinda useless (as in you can’t exactly take it down a set or anything). I guess if you succeed taking it down a set you deserve mad props :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyways, I stopped practicing because it’s just kinda a waste of time. I would much rather practice useful tricks like outsejflips even.

I’m pretty much done with spins over 360. It’s been months since I’ve landed a 540 unispin, but it’s been about 16 hours since I’ve landed an outfifthflip. U-spins just don’t have much point to them anymore, at least for me…

I guess I may eventually try something like a rolling 9spin off a ledge or something, but it would have to look good. I don’t like the look of the current landed 9spin. Impressive, but style-less.

I suppose for flat if you do a 9spin-rolling wrap it would also be pretty tight :wink:

Ok thx :slight_smile: So the box is a ledge, I didn’t make the link :slight_smile:

Seriously speaking, I havn’t seen anything bigger than a 360 used in flat combos.


Other than 540-backroll, I can’t think of any flat combos with a bigger spin.

Oh, I suppose loic did sorta a 720 out of a rolling wrap, that was pretty tight.

Something I have tried and gotten very close to is a seatdrop to 7spin. I think that would be legit.