900 Unispin video For Will Riley (Kevin Kartchner)

just a fun video i made for will riley (:


My little brother is okay btw. (:

the crash at the end was epic! Cage is the man!

Nice spins man!

Best 900 I’ve ever seen!
Give him a unicycle dude! Ofc he will fall when he has 2 wheels to control at one time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome 900s! You make those look so easy! Even the 1080 looked simple!

Your spins are great. And so is the bike losing in a battle against a Unicycle.

Dude, make more videos!

I’ve missed watching new stuff from you so much!


if i had to make a list of people that will land 1260s first, i guess you would be in the top 3

Kevin will get it first if he tries it!!

Yeah I would put Kevin as number 1 for landing 1260 aswell. No pressure on your bro, if you tried it like everyone else (springy bench) you’ll be able to land it easy. But I guess your gonna be a beast and land it on flat just like your 9s and 10s.

So much consistancy!

great video! no wasted time what so ever,

haha thats what you get for trying to be cool (kid on bike)

Good for you! You made them look very easy. I feel like I could walk outside right now and land one. But sadly, this is not the case.

Thanks for the comments everyone :slight_smile:

Yeah i’ll try 1260s soon, and yes on flat always!

Thanks again! Hope to make some new videos soon!

-Kevin Kartchner

Kevin, your 9s are insanely consistant and looks like your 10s are getting there as well! I would say you, Krisz, and Christian Resch are definitely top 3 for 1260s.

and eli :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I kinda forgot about Resch xD I think hes the closest on a trials uni. Hes got the cleanest seat forward rolling 1080s (ive only seen one, but it was damn nice). But to be honest I think it’ll be Krisz. Just cause hes such an insane beast. But could be anyone. Give Kevin a lighter uni and I rekn he could do a lot more.

Yeah, Eli to…

Kevin will beat me too it. I can spin it, but there’s no way I’ll commit to it before someone else has landed it.