900 unispin by Marcus Hahn !

I landed 900 unispin on flat today !


enjoy ! :smiley:

/Marcus Hahn.


awesome :astonished:
very good for your age

Not even!

You’re such a beast! I can’t believe you! :angry: :angry:


holy shit :astonished:

+1 :astonished:


+2:D very good!!

Thanks all ! :smiley:

that´s awesome
how long did you need for the 900 after you could do a 7 spin?

interest technique - you land in a squatted position

i cant even do a unispin anymore because i stopped unicycling

I started to train 900 for about 2 weaks ago. And today i land it :wink:

WOW :astonished:
just sick !!!



I want to do that…but I’m about 40 years too late! :o

that was siiiick!
are you sponsored? if not you deserve one

No, not yet :confused: