900 uni-spin competition

I took the initiative of finally starting a much needed competition for the 900 unispin.

The rules are pretty much the same as all the other competitions.

Though you can join in at any time, it would be preferred if you mentioned joining the competition beforehand.

You must get it on video. You can use as many hops as you wish, as long as you are on the unicycle or in the air the entire time and you eventually ride out of it.

In addition, the unicycle you are riding must have a 20 inch wheel or more. No using cheap-a** 16 inch unis or something.

Good luck to you all, and let the competition begin!

good luck everyone, can’t wait to see the outcome of this.


im in :wink:

joking, but someday

i think someone should start a 720 comp up…wait a few months tho so i can play cause my 540s suck so bad

How about another rule? No freestyle unis :wink:

Ok you know I’m in, don’t expect anything from me for atleast a week or so, I just broke my seat :frowning:

Edit: Broke doing some more treyflips off tables, o wait, your the one that suggested I do that more. Its al your fault pele lol

Haha how about not. I dont think you were serious about the freestyle unis, but im going to have to be opposed to that rule, u spins feel terrible on trials unis, in my opinion. Though if the majority says no freestyle it would b only fair to go with that…

and about your seat, stop blaming me and get a cf base! :wink:

I’m pretty sure that if I had a freestyle I’d have a good chance at 900’s.

So whats everyone think, no freestyles for the comp or what?

And yeah I’ll look into getting a carbon soon, wont be anytime soon at all though, my parents credit card is maxed so I can’t order one for a while.

Yea!!! I Got Sigged By Spoonthumb!!! Hahahahaha!!!

That would be stupid if you couldn’t use a freestyle uni. I say it doesn’t matter as long as it has a 20" (or 19", w/e…) and is a unicycle.

I think it was bobouse who said that freestyle unis were harder for him 2 spin. Have you ever tried to spin a freestyle. From what i understand, its whatever your used to. That may be wrong, but i sure dont know. Its everyone elses call. If freestyles are gone then i may as well just drop out, since i never even practice spins on a trials.

I find that spinning on trials unis helps dramatically increase the speed in which I spin a freestyle. Try practising with the trials, cause it sure helps me… I gave my freestyle longer cranks though…

Dont drop out… allow freestyles…

I think a freestyle uni should be allowed. If they weren’t allowed in this “competition” would that stop you from trying to learn them? You would still be the first to do it.
According to maxxis.com, a creepy crawler weighs 670grams, from koxx-one.com a tryall weighs 1050 grams and 2.1 primo wall tire weighs about 850 grams according to danscomp. So depending on the freestyle setup, the weight difference may not even be an advantage.
(Also the cotterless hub/cranks are lighter than splined but they are in the center of the wheel so it won’t make as much of a difference as the tire when spinning it.)

Thats the front 20"x2.0" CC, the rear 19"x2.5" that we ride is listed at 975g.

Ah ok, that makes sense. That’s why I went and found the tryall weight too because it didn’t look right.
But it still isn’t too much of a difference considering a lot of people are shaving trials tires now.

Whatever you’ve got to tell yourself to be able to sleep tonight.

I think if you have at least a 20" wheel and do a 900 u spin I am going to be impressed. Go for any uni over 20". Gl to those that are in this I am prepared to be amazed.

ok, has anyone done a 900 unispin?
who really cares what its done on, of course a 16" doesn’t count… but it would be good practice… considering i’ve done a 720 spin on one and i have never landed a 540.

Wow, now i want to get a 16 inch! A whole 360 increase? I could be bustin 1080s with that thing! :astonished: :sunglasses:

it was a fluke. i tried it again and the unicycle(which was at a bike shop, brand new) went skidding across the store… much to my dismay… that was my last attempt.

9/10 of my problem is being weary of metal pedals and long cranks… 16"ers don’t normally have either of those…

has a 900 unispin been done be4?