9 unicycles in 45 seconds. 12" to 36"

I’ve been riding every uni i found laying around. 9 wheels total, ranging from 12" to 36"

Short video:

FUN! Thanks!

Love it!

That’s neat.:slight_smile: I like fun videos like that.:slight_smile:

Nicely done!

Thanks for the kind comments. I’ve had the idea for a while, and it was fun to make. I was pretty accurate on the line, don’t you think? :slight_smile:

Yeah, how did you do it? I didn’t see any pavement markings. Did you just start in the same spot every time and ride as straight at the camera as possible?

Well, I had some chalk marks a few meters apart. But still… some times things just work out. :slight_smile:

Cool!video. It was kind if weird watching the video, because I have ridden three of them. Dejavu.:slight_smile:
Your good sense of humor makes your videos such a joy to watch. Cheers.

Definitely my favorite video so far. It is informational. The music was silly and great. And the edits were sublime. Nice trashcan (you should try riding that next:)

Very fun video to watch. Thank you!