9 mile ride

My son and I did a 9.4 mile ride this morning. Seven of the miles were on gravel roads in Umstead State Park. This might not sound like much for some of you but it was our longest ride ever. I rode a 24 inch Torker LX and my son did it on his cheap 20 inch unicycle.

how old is your son?

That’s pretty good, I don’t think I’d have the patience to ride 9 miles on a 20", good luck to both of you.

9 miles on a 20 or a standard 24 is good going on gravel roads. I reckon riding on a gravelly surface can add anything from 10 - 50 % to the effort required, depending on the depth and type of gravel.

And it’s good in this day and age for a father and son to be doing something active and healthy together.

So, you never mentioned if you enjoyed the ride…?

My son is 10 and we had a great ride. In fact, when it was over he asked if we could do it again every Sunday morning. The route started out on a paved jogging trail for about a mile. The gravel road then starts with a two mile gradual uphill. Actually, it is rough gravel for about 1/4 mile then switches to fine crushed stone which is much easier to ride on. Then we got to the hilly section of the park. I thought we would be walking up some of the hills but we were able to ride them all. We were both glad to make it to the paved roads in the park. After the park we had about 1/2 mile down a busy road, there were sidewalks though. We stopped for Mexican food for lunch and then back through our subdivision to home. We averaged 4.5 mph but it took about two and a half hours including breaks.