9-foot giraffe unicycle

I want to sell my 9-foot giraffe unicycle. It was built exclusively by Tommi Miller at the Unicycle Factory in Kokomo, IN. He built it for me in 1995. The frame is a deep blue in color with old-school dirt-bike type block pedals. I’ve ridden it in 2 parades but other than that it seldomly gets used. I’m 42 years old and I’ve found that as I age I have no more interest in being that high off the ground! I fell off it once (unicycle only received a slight scuff on the front of the seat), however, I broke my foot. The frame is in the same condition as when Tommi built it as he’s the master in unicycle construction! However, there’s a couple of scratches in the paint as it’s hard to move something this big around without it occasionally bumping into something.
Currently, I’m asking $700 for it. I have pictures I can email to “interested” buyers only. If you are not interested please do not contact me! I live in St. Joseph, MI (25 miles north of the Indiana border right along Lake Michigan). If interested please email me at segertm@yahoo.com

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Hi I would like some pictures and am very interested please email me at woowootheclown12@gmail.com.

Note to prospective buyers; I also have a Tommi-built 9-footer. The things are built like tanks (which is what you want with a tall giraffe). $700 is a very fair price for such a thing. If you’re looking for something beyond the standard 5’ or 6’, it’s a great investment.

Giraffe unicycle

I don’t suppose any of you still have your 9’ giraffes for sale do you???