9 feet 8 inches... record?

i forgot what the record is, but it doesn’t really matter, i can and have done better than this, but this is the best measured/biggest on camera.


i don’t know why the song was in movie maker, but i used it just so it wasn’t quiet, whatever, you will most likely see a 10 foot jump out of me in the next month. i havn’t ridden hard in 2 weeks…and I didn’t try any bigger than this.

any scrutinization is well accepted
i measured flat on the ground, from the asphalt(1/2" or so away from the curb) to the pallet on either side, one was 9’8.5 one was 9’8. I also got it as close to perpendicular as possible.
so there you have it.


I’m pretty sure its 2.971 meters, sorry for not including that
check it if you want.
if i remember right the old record (unofficial) is almost 9’3"

I’m not sure of the current record, but you definitly are pretty darn close.

I’m glad you actually gapped something, rather then doing it on flat, that always makes it more legit.

You got 125 cranks right?

That looked great, and I believe you, but some people are gonna gripe cuz you didnt measure it on film. Great job though.:slight_smile:

nah, i have the 137s that came w/ my KH


as far as methods to measure, i agree with forrest. the whole sticks on the ground thing sucks. you can’t see anything and you have to jump a few inches farther no matter what. the pallet is higher than the curb, but if you can find one that is the same height (or make one for a contest) it makes a much better way to measure. you can measure out each side of the pallet from the curb you are jumping off of and have it exact.
yes you can fudge a little on the takeoff/landing, but if anyone can do it, its fair right, as long as you don’t touch the ground?

Seems like you could hit the end of the pallet and put a face imprint in the ground.

I almost did that when I tried it at 10’
i caught it just before I hit the ground, but hey, what good is it without a little risk?
I’ll try to have 5 or 6 pallets laid out next time to be a little more reasonable w/ the landing area
and maybe some gooood pallets(beer pallets w/ solid tops)

Finally the camera work I’ve been asking from you skrobo! That is very very far.

Good job, my apologies for doubting you.

eh, its cool, i don’t beleive a lot of stuff that is said on here, and i don’t blame you at all.

holy crap just about sums it up for me :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Very amazing

Now tell us something ! We want you to cough up some tips !:slight_smile:

That is so huge.
Good job.

Awesome jump. I loved the slo-mo!

Yes, we have no way of knowing that was the measurement other than your words, which would not be sufficient to break a record if there were an official place to do that.

Once there is an official place, we’d probably have to start tracking separate records for competition and casual. In competition you get two tries at each measurement, whereas on your own you get to keep plugging away at it until you hit.

I liked your gapping approach, as it shows you are not slopping over the “lines” and is very easy to see. However it gets messy when you come up short…

Remind me to link back to that one later on when you complain about the massive calf tracks you got from your pedals on a bad landing (and/or the bruised tailbone, big lump on the back of your head, etc.), hint hint.

For competition, as annoying as it is, I think the sticks method is still the best. I don’t like them, but they make the jump harder (and shorter), but they also guarantee that the measured distance was absolutely exceeded, and don’t carry the danger of trying over and over to land past a hard edge.

Way to go, keep up the massive jumps!

that was awesome.

(If you can 360) You should see how big a gap you can 360.

i can’t 360 well, but i’m sure i can hit over 6 feet w/ a 180 rolling… (I did it static the other day)

wait static 180 a 6 ft gap? i struggle going much past 6ft static

I have a question with the whole long jump measuring thing…

I’ve never been to a competition or anything… So I am probably just ignorant…

But why don’t you just put some baby powder or something on the ground and measure from the line to where the tire mark shows…? Like Long Jump in track and field?

Give people 3 tries to just go as far as possible… and take the longest jump…


The reason we haven’t used baby powder in competition is because there are too many attempts and too many competitors. No easy way to keep the landing area from becoming too slippery after a few dozen jumps.

I thought the track & field long jump used a big sandbox? They smooth out the sand each time, so your landing marks are obvious. Problem is we don’t want to land on our butts. I don’t think the stick method is the best solution, it’s just better than anything else we’ve come up with so far.