9/08/07 uni race in Yonkers, NY

I’ve been contacted by Mr Kolenda (see below) about a uni race he’s contemplating for Sept 8 of this year, the date of the Yonkers Riverfest.

He asked me for certain specifics (race length, whether hills are ok for racing, etc) and I gave him some feedback. It seems that there is likely to be a prize fund, too, tho I have no details about that yet. Check with me or do a search for ‘Yonkers’ for more updates in the days to come.

If you’re interested and could make it, please contact him (and me, too, if you’d like, at unicycle at tmail dot com).

Here is Mr Kolenda’s note:

>I’ve gotten my board of
>directors of the Yonkers Downtown/Waterfront Business Improvement
>District interested in sponsoring a unicycle race as part of
>Yonkers Riverfest on September 8. If not a race, perhaps a
>demonstration. We’d love to have you there.
>John D. Kolenda
>Chairman, Yonkers Downtown/Waterfront BID
>(914) 457-3905
> johndkolenda at hotmail dot com

You should tell him to contact the Recreation department at Childrens Village in Dobbs Ferry. This is around the time of year of their annual circus, where 300 “emotionally troubled” boys (when we were there around 1990) put on a show. They have a fleet of unicycles and hopefully they still have unicyclists. This might be an interesting event for them, though their riders are probably mostly entry-level.

David -

I, and perhaps a couple others from the great white north (err… Albany) might be able to make it down for this. Keep us posted.