8th Annual LBI Unithon

We’ve gotten an extremely late start in getting things organized, but it is now confirmed that the 8th Annual LBI Unithon, held at Long Beach Island, NJ will take place on Saturday, June 3, 2006.

Information is available at 8th Annual LBI Unithon.

Please note, and this is very important, I have not been able to access the site and update the information. It still has the information for last year’s event. However, my contact information has not changed. My correct phone number is listed and my address is correct on the Entry Forms. Call or email me with questions and send the form to my address with the $25 entry fee.

If you can remember, change the dates on the form, otherwise I’ll do it. Do not forget to sign the waiver.

I prefer to receive the forms and checks/cash in advance, but if you need to, bring it with you.

And as always, please try to get some sponsors to benefit the Alliance for a Living Ocean.

Tell your friends!

That’s my birthday, maybe I can go!!

It’s a great event. The island is as flat as any landscape can be and we’ve had as many as 30+ riders some years. You couldn’t have a better birthday. :slight_smile:

i should be there again this year. this will be my third year in a row and overall. hope to have a blast again! everyone should come to this!

Ready to roll

Should be a great ride again.
Thanks for hosting it Raphael.


i will be there

I’ll be there on my brand SPANKIN new 36’er! Thanks Rafael.

I’ll be there for my fourth Unithon. I have one month to prepare for the almost 20 mile ride. Last year it was easy. Previous years ranged from impossible to grueling. Last year, I trained for it, doing 15 to 20 miles a day on consecutive days. That might not sound like much to many of you, but it’s a lot for me.

It’s a great event and I encourage everyone in the area to participate. Don’t worry about the distance. Nobody gets abandoned. If you are slow, do expect to be all by yourself at times on a very, very long stretch of road while thinking “what have I gotten myself into?” But there are support vehicles plus Kevin on his bike. Everybody is super nice and they will definitely look after you. If you can’t make it, they will pick you up in a car. If you can only go ten miles, then great – you have done your personal best and you should be proud. And you will have taken part in a fun event while meeting fellow unicyclists.

I’m hoping to finish in the middle of the pack this year, not last or almost last like every other year. Last year, I went slow to help Steve Tunney (a.k.a. dogbowl), which I would happily, happily do again, but I don’t think he is riding any more. So there’s nothing to slow me down except my long cranks and my mediocre riding skills. See you at the lighthouse!

You know I’m there.

It goes without saying - unless you happen to want to bump a thread up - that if you know anyone who’d be interested but doesn’t read this forum, please let them know about the event.

This looks interesting, but one question is there a minimum amount of sponsers we need to get? Im pretty sure i will be able to go, it sounds like a lot of fun.

There is no minimum. As long as you pay the $25 entry fee and sign the waiver you may ride. It is simply that because this is a ride to raise funds for the ALO, we’re all encouraged to collect some cash from a few friends, loved ones, or people who owe us a favor.

There is, however, a direct, measureable, and well documented correlation between the amount of money each rider raises and how much fun that rider has.

And for the record, don’t even bother trying to raise more money that Uni57 will. It can’t be done.

The Unithon page has been updated with the correct dates.

Thanks, Gilby, for helping me fix my FTP settings.

BUMP from page six.

I just realized I forgot to send in my registration, which I will do forthwith.

Send in your registration today! Come to the Unithon! It’s fun!

Who else is going? *

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I’d love to, but can’t. :frowning: *

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Does anyone know if David Bagley is coming? I’m assuming he’s on the New York Unicycle club email and got the announcement.

He aaaaaaaaalways goes. I just emailed him about the Unithon. And I just sent in my registration.

I’ve decided to leave my 175s on my Coker this year. Last year, I had 140s on for the two months prior to the Unithon. They came off the day after, because I was dying to do some off-road Cokering (with the 175mm cranks). This year, I’m doing the Unithon (and the training) with the 175s. And by some miracle, I think my riding is improving a bit, because my average speed is up almost 1 MPH over last year – in spite of the longer cranks.

My registration is sent in, from what i hear this will be a fun time. cant wait

David Bagley will be there, probably on his Schlumpf this time.

I’m in. I’m mailing the reg./waiver/check tomorrow. Thanks for setting this up, Raphael!