89s on a 36er

I know it’s properly been discussed alot, anyone tried the 36 with 89s always wondered how the control would be? Have ridden with 125s and 114s for 40 miles alot and no issues? Currently on 150 atm. I’m going to try it out just anyone’s thoughts and whats the speed issue like.

Edmund from Poland rides his 36er on 64mm cranks, even on marathons. In the Europamarathon (halfmarathon, not flat) he was even slower than a girl with a 20" due to the hills. As long as it is flat, it seems to be at least rideable with some (or even more) training, but you won’t have much control over the wheel …
I would not recommend it for any serious kind of riding

I tried 100s for a while. But came back to 110s because it was just too exhausting.

The second place criterium and 10k rider at NAUCC 2017 was Richard Therret, riding an ungeared 36er with 89mm cranks. He was second to Scott Wilton riding a G36 by not too much (2 minutes for the 10k). The criterium is important because the course had a climb, and the event has lots of tight turns.

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Thanks for the shout out AJ. They are certainly great for downhill and flat. Uphill(with any extreme grade) is not as great. They allow you to spin very fast with such short rotation. For casual riding and not trying to go extremely fast, I would recommend longer than 89s. 100s, 114s are nice for just cruising around.

I have ridden with 100mm for some time now and find them comfortable for most riding. I ride most general hills on them, but not steep ones. Down hill is the problem as I don’t ride with a brake at the moment.

For me the 89’s are slower on top speed but better on average speed. So I have used in the last few marathons and are what is fitted to my 36" at the moment.


I can ride 36/89 sufficiently on gravel flat and semi flat trails. Nice for cruising flats, just not great going through mogals and gopher mounds. Still my fave is the 110 which I can achieve greater speed, probably due to more saddle time. Previously, I thought 89 was hard to control. But now, having the G36, the amount of leverage and control needed on 89 is only a fraction of 140mm of the 2nd gear g36. I will happily get back to 110 and 89 after getting good proficiency with the g36. Non geared have superior control and agility and nearly effortless to ride. But the geared is great for keeping up with bikes. Love the geared experience!

Never tried anything shorter than 100s myself (on any wheel size for that matter), but tried 100s multiple times for quite a few months and always returned to 114s. For my mixed 15km commute with 2 short uphill/downhills and quite a bit of traffic lights, pedestrians and slow-speed maneuvering, my average was almost always higher with 114s (also typcially 2-3 dismounts with 100s as opposed to 0-1 dismount with 114s).

With no extended climbs and no slow-speed maneuvering (i.e. pedestrains and traffic) I think with training 89s should be doable (with brake for downhills). But definitely no fun to play around or “cruise” around the city but only to go fast on a clear road/path.

Interesting reviews

I am going to get them anyways as I have managed hills and downhill on 114s comfortable, the 125s work best all around for me what company make 65? I never knew they existed I am an aggressive rider and adjust quick, I jump mount my 36er now don’t know why that seems easier but works, guess trying them all out will work out all around.thanks everyone

Damn u 14? And know that much ? Awesome… Most people at your age in my country don’t even know what a unicycle is… keep up the knowledge, if I had the money for a Geared Unicycle 36 KH I would give Scott a good run… in 10k or marathon somehow managed 70km rides no bars, no gears, he was born into it, I raced enduro and motocross since I was 5 love it… my nimbus 36 I am amazed what it can do. There are many riders out there un noticed… one day I will make Unicon. Peace

As in flat? I do mainly flat riding as I am living on beach side and all flat for 50km which is what I use the 36er for. I thought 114 was perfect 100s sound aight!

Dustin Schaap came 3rd at the Unicon 13 marathon on a 36/89s. It was a rolling course. The wheels were also heavier then!

last year at unicon spain I met a south corean man, he usually walks around unicons with the same sports clothes painted with the corean flag. Quite a character. And I managed to talk to him, with a girl translating everything.

I asked him about his preparing for the 100km races, his training, how he warms up before each race, what was his best time, if his goal was to beat at least his best time. And his answers were astonishing for me. “I do it just for fun, I don’t warm up before riding, after all on a 100km race eventually your muscles will get warm, I don’t try to ride fast I just ride, there’s no point on going faster than my last ride”, and so on.

So now I’m just riding because I like it, and when I feel like doing it. I’ve spent some time and quite a lot of money (buying unicycle stuff in brasil can be expensive!) trying to improve my speed and time, and after finishing the unicon montreal marathon in 1:56:00 I’d changed my mind set. And it feels good!