816,000 hit's and still Rollin

have a Coker and a smile

lets get it to a million! no unicycle vid has 1000000 yet(at least i think, couldnt find one in a search)

lol unfortunately it seems two of the most common comments on youtube unicycling are

a) don’t you crush your balls?


b) you must also have only one ball…

the ignorance!

This is one of the first uni vids I saw. I would love to have the control to ride through traffic like that.

This video made me want to get a 36er (I have one now) What crank length were you using in this vid?

This video made me want to learn to ride on a Jersey barrier.:smiley:

This was the first Coker vid I saw


They were 150’s being we were shooting both on and off road That day for the DVD (I didn’t have dual hole cranks to make it easier). 125’s would have been better.

I’m glad I gave you the push necessary to get the 36". The reason for my part (36" aggressive riding) in the DVD was to show how Awesome and versitile a 36" wheel can be and to motivate riders to go for it.


Brian Mackenzie from Balanceproductions.com shot it on his Geared 29" Schlumpf.

I really liked Inner Balance, I borrowed it to a friend for 2 days and I watched it like 5 times:p Where can I get that movie now? I can’t find it anywhere.


Justonewheel.com ($20 free shipping)

For some reason I feel like a cornetto…



Every time I see that Manhattan clip it just makes me feel ashamed to be a cyclist. Spectacularly irresponsible riding :angry:
Nice filming and everything, but what an absolute twat.

Where he is swerving among the pedestrains on the pavement laughing into his phone is truly cringingly awful. The rest I found okay, but I was a courier for a few years so my view is probably warped :smiley:

Thanks, last time I haven’t seen in on the site. Oh, I think it was because my computer was to slow… I might get that movie soon then :roll_eyes:

Yeah, you better just ride your uni inside your house from now on. Being anywhere near the public, no matter how well controlled you think you are, just makes you a twat.

Well, simple solution, don’t watch it!
We didn’t ask for your negitive input. Nor does anyone else who posts a vid they spent time producing wether it be good or bad. You don’t like it, keep it to yourself! Did you have a bad day or is this really you???
Do you realize that the clip was from an extreme unicycling DVD :thinking: specifacally showing the agility and maneuverability of a 36’" wheel in an active unpredictable setting? We figured riding in and out of cones in a parking lot just wouldn’t do it! Just so you don’t loose much more sleep, NO one was hurt or even realized what happend. This is NYC, if things like that offend or ashame you, get back in your bubble!
I guess the vid hit 816,000 by offending so many people???
Oh, and what about the producers from the Tracy Ullman show begging me to license the exact portion of the clip that made you feel so ashamed to be a cyclist, to use on the intro to all the Tracy Ullman “State Of The Union” shows on ShowTime (that sceen appears in every one).
Also, received gig’s from Microsoft, Reebok and others from the vid.
Listen to Jerrick, stay within the bubble in your living room!
Also, try to remember, there are younger riders on these forums. Watch your mouth.

Have FUN on ONE!!!


Blimey, my mini rant seems to have hit a few nerves.

No, it doesn’t. But riding along the footpath at speed swerving round people from behind while talking on the phone does (IMO), and randomly dodging in and out of traffic is almost as bad.

It’s a very good, well-made film. That particular clip shows something that just winds me up. The reason is that cyclists already get enough bad feelings from the rest of the road users - a lot of people would like to see bikes taken off the roads because they claim we don’t behave properly. If they see one cyclist riding like a maniac they don’t think “oh, he’s probably just filming an extreme video, that’s OK”, they think “that proves I’m right and cyclists should be taken off the road”. If you are the rider in the clip, I apologise if you feel it was a personal attack, and perhaps my remark was a bit blunt, but I stand by my reasons.

No, I really think that sort of riding is a bad idea.

Yes I know why it was done.

No, but it could easily have gone the other way. Other people are not predictable, however well rehearsed or however good a rider was. Three years ago somebody walked out in front of me while I was riding my bike to work (on the road). She was killed. I was riding normally and “in control”. That’s a good part of the reason I feel so strongly about this sort of thing.

OK, perhaps that’s normal there.

Because it a good film - I never said it wasn’t. Good for you.

What?! If you’re refering to the last word, it’s not considered particularly rude in these parts - I could have equally said “muppet” or “idiot”, or “arse”/“ass”. It was intended as a generic term implying foolishness, not as real swearing. Sorry if you saw it differently.

I will.


Quote by Rob.Northcott - “What?! If you’re refering to the last word, it’s not considered particularly rude in these parts - I could have equally said “muppet” or “idiot”, or “arse”/“ass”. It was intended as a generic term implying foolishness, not as real swearing. Sorry if you saw it differently.”

Rob, look up that word on Wikipedia, especially the part about “British English” and then tell us it’s not meant to be rude. Oh, and most of us saw it differently, but it was a nice attempt at an apology anyway. 

Thanks for sharing I hadn’t seen that video, very cool.

Unicycling in the Streets of Manhattan, was one of the first videos I watched when I was Googling unicycling in April. It was one more positive reason why I ended up getting back into riding a unicycle again. I thought possibly I could ride that good once again and enjoy the seemingly now popular sport as I did when I was younger.

I used to live in NYC, it really isn’t any different then what goes on pretty much on a daily basis there, especially where Adam rode. Trust me we walk, at a much faster pace, (New Yorkers that is) the same way, in and out of tourists who walk very very slow, if it was as normal those people are walking about 1/2 step per 30 seconds, a person who is thinking has time to anticipate what they are doing, they walk very slow in that area. I don’t think I ever even bumped into one of them as I picked up my pace in comparison to the normal pace in the area.

Sorry about your accident, I’m sure that is a hard thing to deal with.