80mm freestyle cranks?

I just saw these on municycle.com. I was wondering, how useful would they be?

also, what would be an ideal crank length for a flatland uni with a 1.95" tire?

I would say that would be too short. That size crank is good for the japanese style freestyle. If you want it for flatland (I am assuming you mean unispins, wraps and that kind of thing) then you will want a lot longer than 80mm. I have 110s on my splined freestyle and its good for freestyle, if you want more street style kind of riding then maybe a little longer. The shorter the cranks the more easily you slip out.

I wont be getting a uni like this for a while(probably at least a year unless I find a way to make alot of money).

does anyone make splined 18(or close to) cranks?

I’m guessing I want shorter than 120’s, but 110’s seem short.

I want to learn(or try getting kind of close) to the type of uniing Xav does on his freetricks. anyone know what length crnaks he uses?

I really really want 80 mm cranks for a freestyle, they almost take control away from you but make you flow alot more nicely. I have 110 mm cranks and I find that I still can’t get the flow I want when turning one footed etc.

yea, I think they’d be fun to try out. It would make 1 footing so much easier. and you could generate so much speed.

they’re good for uni dancing.

what would be the best crank length for seat to the side, seat to the side idleing, crank idleing, unispins, and general freestyle/flatland?

i think 110mms are the best for all round freestyle riding. Ive been using 102mms for a week or two and as nice as they are, i think im going to swap back to something longer. They make tricks like side ride and seat drag alot harder, which isnt worth it for me. Still they make spins so very smooth, ive already got some backwards spinning technique down, making backwards pirouette (lvl 9) my major barrier in the skills level. That and side ride transitions :thinking:

You can have the 110mms back if you want… especially considering the 102mms seem to be bent… make your decision soon, before I loctite them on as the left one came off today XD