800 mile ride?

anyone done a ride around ,1300 kms or 800 miles. im thinking of doing one when i finnish school. brisbane to jindabyne for skiing. may ride up mt koziosko when i get there.

i’d do it at the drop of a hat if i had enough time.

how are you gunna get there without using a highway?

? dunno. backroads:)

ohhh that would be hell doing backroads the whole way. think of a better way to get there and i’ll do it

I’ll come on a 12"

infact why don’t we all do it on 12" unis. That would mad fun for the first 25 meters.

hahaha. im thinking a 20.

well it would be fun and quite novel for the first 25m, but imagine the next 800 miles.

i mean ouch.

sure it would be funny but you’d get there in about 6 months

no kids for me.

Actually i have a better idea :wink: :wink: Lets all ride the unicycle on the far left through the back roads. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


tempting, but no.

arr have fun.
and im sure you might have no juice left in the jugs (if ya know what i mean) once you finish.

Ok just to see how people will react, how bout these and yes i have ridden all 3 b4. :smiley: :D. I don’t even remember how i rode the last one. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


hahahahahahaah i so want to try each one of those! especially the wheel barrow one!

That’s a great photo. I had one of these riding horses as a kid. That would be great to ride around town on! Guess I better start watching the flea markets.