80 lbs?

hey so im on the edge of weather i sould get a torker cx or lx and as far as i can tell the lx is just a bit stronger, i wheigh 86lbs. is their any chance i could hurt it doing oh… 2 ft drops at most! the cx are sold localy so i think ill go with that unless their is something i dont know about them.


It’s not really a question of strength; the LX has a better (lighter, more workable) rim and a better seat. I wouldn’t buy a CX.

But either one will probably break eventually with 2-foot drops, even at 86 pounds.

I used to have a link to an ultra lite torker ax -cheap

At less than 100 lbs, the Torker lx line is the bomb. To bad the even lighter ax models are gone for now.

Never buy a Sun or a cx Torker. Get an lx Torker, or an ISIS splined uni.:slight_smile:

geez. the way you guys talk it seems like unicycles are really breacable! i dont really want to spend 150$ on something that will breack very quickly:( :thinking: . would street tricks like the spinns breack them.

Spins are pretty hard on equipment. If you want to get into street/trials, you probably should get a unicycle that’s designed for it; don’t try to do downhill mountain biking on a WalMart bike.

ok, their is a local bike shop that sells an lx 24". im going to get a lx but i dont know if the wheel size is too big for me. im 5 foot, 14 years old and have an inseam of like 32". should i whait for a 20" or would 24" be fine?

Do you have a pic of yourself cause my inseam is like 28" and I have long legs. You must be nothing but legs lol.

Get a 24 if you want to cruise, 20 if you want to do tricks. I’m about 5’ tall and a 24 at 80 lbs is a lot of unicycle to handle for learning.

well im not all legs at all. its frome the bace of your foot to your crotch right? i re meashured and its more like 29

LOL. you would be a short legged midget to have trouble with a 24

There are people on the forum, 5’ ish that ride 36’s well.

You seem adverse to buying over the net. With Torker’s, buying locally has an advantage in that their warranty is pretty good for shops.

Just be sure you are getting an lx and not the cheap steel cx. The lx seat is actually pretty good, not KH, but way better than Sun or cx.

Thats rather rude! Yes if you weigh 80 lbs, a 24" muni will be a lot more weight to handle as thats what I have. I do not suggest an 80 lb person to learn on a bigger uni as it will be a lot more to handle to learn on. The 24 inch learner cycles I guess would be a lot less weight though but thats not what I have.

I want to appoligize to all the short legged midgets

A lot of them ride 36’s better than I do and I don’t want to be seen disrespecting the talent.:slight_smile:

k. well i got a lx 24" and LOVE it! thanks for all the help. its my second day on it and i can ilde for 4 seconds and have gon forward a max of 8 ft.

i got the 24" because it wanted to be able to do a little of everything.

Congratulations on your new uni. You should take some video of you learning. It’s fun to look at it when you become proficient. Post some pictures for us.

Sorry about the grammer thing. I do have a learning disability and a minor case of dislexia but i will try my best.

WOOT! I got to 20 ft!!

But I still can’t idle. is that harder?

yes, idling is a lot harder

It is funny how everyone seems to learn different stuff at a different rate. You are to be commended for learning to idle so soon. For me, idling and riding backwards are equally hard, and both a much sweatier strain than riding forward.

It’s usually worth it to find a long wall next to pavement, to help get you started. Yet you sound like you are about ready to head down the street, so perhaps it is unneeded.

Tips, make sure your seat is facing forward and check that your cranks and pedals are tight. Stop riding anytime you detect looseness and fix it right away before you round off the parts.

The only "bad " part on the lx is the sorta slippery pedals. Install a pair of 13 $ PC pedals using grease, and you will be state of the art with starter uni.:slight_smile:

Ok thanks. I actualy really like the pedals. They don’t hurt a lot when they swing around and hit your leg. I really have not learned to idle i can do it for 5 sec max. And I got a new record 34ft!!! YAAAY!!! Oh ya and I can do the hopping arond thing where your wheels dont move really well because in sick at pogoing!

oh ya and to Jeremy R. I didn’t mean the learning disability thing to be an ecscuse. I think i was soooo exited about the unicycle I rushed while typing.

what do you guys recomend for ideling.