8-year-old muni

Quinn rocks the Chimney Gulch trail outside Golden, Colorado. His climbing skills have taken off this year and now he looks for tougher obstacles he used to avoid. Surprise ending!

I see your toughing him up with some of those UPD’s at the end there.

Great job Quinn.

Very nice video! It must be so cool to ride together with your son :).

Great Stuff!

Will be showing to my 6 yo this evening for inspiration. Maybe I’ll hit stop just before the last face plant though… :smiley:

Awesome. I bet you had just as much fun as Quinn.

Thanks for the comments. Uncle Remus, did you see the 26er muni cameo? I’m lovin’ it. It’s definitely fun riding in the family. Quinn’s got twin 6 yo sisters that are rolling as well.

That was cool… well done Quinn :slight_smile:

Great to hear, Osmundo; I think that muni went to the right place!

That’s a pretty darn cool family, right there…

Great job Quinn!

Was that a freemount I saw a 1:15!:stuck_out_tongue:

At 0:00 too, lol.

Amazing riding Quinn! Look forward to more from the whole family! :slight_smile:

That was excellent. I’ll be passing it on to my daughter for inspiration.


Osmundo! My wife and I have been learning how to ride uni here lately and a friend of mine pointed out that there is a family that ride uni around Golden. That wouldn’t happen to be you guys would it? :smiley:

That was awesome, loved the whole video. And the last UPD was awesome, I had to laugh out loud.