8 spline pedals

block 8 (very good company) makes some http://www.revolutionss.com/ muni though
click on products
then block 8
then block 8npipe cranks

8 splined cranks from one manufacturer are not likely to be compatible with 8 splined cranks from a different manufacturer. There is no standard for these types of splined cranks to guarantee interchangeability (except for ISIS, Shimano, and maybe a few others). It is doubtful that these cranks would fit on an 8 splined DM hub or on the 8 spline KH (Norco) hub even though the spline count is the same. A lot of the splined crank/spindle designs are proprietary for each manufacturer and they don’t usually share those specs with competitors.

i’m pretty sure the KH uni’s hub follow the ISIS Standard. D’ont take my word for it though, you might want to ask Kris if your serious about these cranks.


I think isis cranks have a taped spline design, rather than a normal (non-taped) spline (like the KH).