8 spline KH/Onza cranks

Hey folks,

Title pretty much explains it. I just got a muni off of craigslist, it’s a solid device, but the stock cranks are 170mm and they’re just obscenely long for me. I was hoping to find a pair in the 140-155 range but I’m open to just about all suggestions so long as they’ll fit the 8 spline hub. I’m willing to pay 75ish USD but the cheaper the better. In fact I’m even willing to pay a bit and send you the 170mm one’s on it now if you’d like.

Let me know if you’ve got something that’ll work for me, I’m hoping to avoid buying a new hub and getting the wheel rebuilt if I can.

Thanks a lot,

KH- 8 spline

Hey- I’ve also got a Muni which uses the old 8-spline/170 mm cranks. I ride in Truckee, and the 170 work OK, since I don’t have a brake. I researched this a bit, and the only thing I found that might work was from an ancient thread where some one said Darrin Bedford had recommended a Haro Sub C BMX crankset, which came in a 140 mm length, and would fit the old 8 spline interface. I found one on line for @$20, but never ended up buying it. If you end up selling the hub and cranks, let me know - I could use a spare. e_d_g_1[at] sbcglobal.net

Not KH/Onza

The KH/Onza cranks have 36 splines. If your’s have 8 then they are the older ones that came in 140, or 170. Qu-Ax 8 spline cranks also fit, but they are 127’s as far as I know. Good luck finding shorter cranks. You may have better luck with having a tube welded in at the desired position, and then threaded for pedals.