8 Spline kh 1st gen. Crank Arms

Hey I’m trying to get some shorter cranks for my muni. It is a first generation kh, the kind with 8 spline. I’m looking for the ball park of 150-160mm size wise.


They don’t exist. They were only made originally in 170 and 145. Qu-Ax later brought out a set of 125s for the hub, but that’s it. You’ll have to swap the hub for something more modern if you really want shorter cranks.

Thanks for the info! I guess I’ll have to take apart my old street uni and build a wheel around that profile hub.

Once again, thanks.

You can also just buy halo cranks… there is a kind of halo cranks out there that work with the 1st gen KH hub. they are pretty not sure about lengths. just putting it out there!