8 speed internal hub.

I don’t know if any of you have seen this yet, I just saw it at a local festival and I wondered if it might be able to somehow be adaptable to unicycles.

Any thoughts?

Looks like an expensive gimmick to me. Less practical than a bike, less versatile than a unicycle - a machine that is designed to be hard work to ride!

What festival did you see that at around here rob?

I don’t think the Alfine hub would be easily converted for uni use. Aside from design problems, from stuff I’ve read it isn’t the most robust hub out there. I doubt it could handle the abuse for very long before it failed. There are people who have built XC mountain bike wheels with it and had mixed results. Some kind of Nuvinci, or Rohloff would be cool, but in the end I don’t see either being cheaper than a Schlumpf.

i used to have somthing like that but you had to pump the platforms up and down the design has moved o since then but yeah as for the hub its not really possible