78.57 square metres of what?

I realised today how good gymnastic equipment would be for trials. I was searching for pictures of springboards because I’m goig to try to make one for Woodford and I found all these other potential obstacles. With the ascending bar you could hop up onto it, ride along and gap onto a box or something and I reckon springboards would be really entertaining and would hopefully give you a nice launch for getting onto higher stuff.

I’m going to make a basic design for portable parallel bars. You could set it so that the base could be extended for extra stability and the bars could be raised. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too heavy.

I want another few weeks of school holidays!


Sandwich boards are really great!

I made a sandwich board today and it turned out a lot better than the first one I made. My first one was just done in a real rush with no attension to detail but I spent a little longer (and a little more money on better hinges) on this one. This time I had a drill instead of just a screw driver and a slightly less blunt saw. I followed Kris’ advice and put the planks on the inside. The great thing is that if you have one of each style you can fit them together snugly for storage and transportation (see attached picture). Just to check, I measured the width of the landing surface on both and they were equal but as you can see the new one looks a lot narrower at the top which is a good thing for demos and so on. I did some quick gapping between them today and they both feel solid. I think I’ll make another one the same size as the new one soon. I’ll ask Wayne to cut out the middle bit of plywood at the bottom with his jigsaw next time I see him. I love sandwich boards.