77' Schwinn Giraffe

Is there a “bluebook” for unicycles? I have a Schwinn Giraffe that I can no longer use and would like to sell.

It is probably worth around $150 - $200.
This calculation depends on the item’s condition.
Pictures are needed for further analysis.
Size causes the shipping to be difficult.

A 77’ giraffe is pretty tall. I’ll bet it’s worth a lot and costs a lot to ship.

This is what I first thought too.:smiley:

It appears that Shmolagin is getting more creative as time goes on. :smiley: :wink:

Dear UnicycleBlueBook:
What is this: http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/bik/4994791937.html

And should I give the seller $90 for it?

I can’t tell if it’s a Nimbus II frame, or a Nimbus Trials, or something completely different.

Your Humble Servant,

Scans reveal that it is a predecessor to this nimbus trials.
Picture analysis shows that the condition is probably decent although in person tests should be executed.
It appears to be a great deal at only $90.

You’re the best, UnicycleBlueBook! You deserve your own thread, and possibly a cable TV show. My apologies to Leeod for highjacking his thread.

UTL out!

It’s time to play Name That Unicycle again!


It’s only described as a Torker. It looks like a 24" to my eye. I can never tell the difference between CX, DX and the other one. It’s dirt cheap at $15.

Any thoughts are welcome.

Looks like an LX to me but not sure, either way for $15 just buy it as a loaner or a gift or a beater.
Nice find.


I think 1977 was the first year of the Schwinn Giraffe, though not 100% sure. This means it has a Track-style hub, where the bottom sprocket can come loose and rotate from hard idling. Best to take apart, clean the threads and apply red Loctite to them. Otherwise, and even if it’s just properly tightened, it should be great. Value depends on condition. If it’s in great shape, I wouldn’t scoff at someone asking $300, though that’s a little steep. To get a choice of tires for one these days, you’d have to replace the rim (with one that has 28 holes).

A Schwinn Giraffe breaks down to 4’ long. That’s the length of the bare frame. Just remove the wheel, chain and seat/post and it’s not excessively long, though you still need a good-sized box to fit that and the wheel.

Once I bought a lot of six Schwinn Giraffes from a school in Ohio, which shipped them to me in NY. They used boxes from 4-drawer file cabinets. The excellent UPS driver left the three boxes standing up in the middle of my driveway. Guess he wanted to make a statement or something. :roll_eyes: