75cm rolling hop competition

i was reading the sidehop comp thread and a couple of people wanted to do t rolling, i also wanna improve my rolling hops so here we are…

you must never have rolling hopped 75cm before
must be 75, not 74.5!
comp starts when 3 people are in

can someone do sig trophies?

the problem would be to find a 75 cm spot. :smiley:

I may be in. I’ve got to measure the highest I’ve rolling hopped firstly.

Rolling SIF hops are allowed too, right?

yeah i guess they count too

'Kay. They’re more fun than SI. :slight_smile:

i´m in, can hop 60 easily, never tried higher.
but don´t know where to find a 75 spot.

It can be higher, right? :slight_smile:

yeah, as long as youve never done 75 or over before

I’ve done 88cm in sidehop, but I never did higher than 58cm(:o) in rolling hop, so can I be in?

yeah, as long as youve never rolling hopped 75 thats fine

Yay! I’m in then. I’m really bad at Rolling Hops:p

Count me in.:slight_smile:

I’m in.

Can it be Pedal Grab? :sunglasses:

thats like a 50cmjump if you pedal grab

If I hop 75cm of stairs and I mesure each stairs to be sure it’s 75cm high does it count?

i can rolling hop 70cm . im in .

ermmm, i guess a stair set 75cm high counts

i guess a pedalgrap onto something 100cm doesn´t count, even if i think it´s harder to do. (for most people)

Cool:) But I dont think I will be able to do it, I’m really bad at rolling hops. I’ll try it anyway.