***75cm High Jump Competition***

Well here is a 75cm jump competition (doesn’t need to be over a bar). You can do it any way; static, rolling, Sif, Sif, with or without a prehop…

My rules may look familiar…

-Can’t have landed a 75cm hop before.
-Must show measuring tape.
-Must be 75cm. Not 74.8cm.
-1st 2nd and 3rd recieve a siggy tag.
-Wait a bit for others to read this thread. (until we have 5 participants?)

Here it is: hopefully I land it around Halloween or I may change it…
well whoever lands it first can change it if they want…



Can i enter this and mod the trophy for myself if i win to make it say 75cm HighJump Blind ? I can already hop over 75cm but can i enter blind ?

I’ll enter. I haven’t worked on hop height in a long time.

I’m probably going to do it over a bar.

I’ll enter. I can get 60cm rolling and si sidehop so I’m sure if I learnt to tuck well SIF I’d be able to for sure.

I’m in, i don’t think i’m too far off, but i’ll have to check in the morning.
I assume that you mean straight to rubber as well??

can´t even hop 4 pallets, but i got the hight (60 cm) :thinking: .
I´ll enter, but as i´m injured it could take weeks :smiley:

btw: my first competition

Hmm… I guess there can be a 75 blind competition in this thread too, but not the same comp… I’m not sure all competitors would agree. I can make a poll if you want.
Is there anyway to change the name of the thread so other riders see that there is also a 75cm blind comp?
Or maybe you could make a new thread. I’m sure a bunch of trials riders would find that a fun challenge.

Why will you try over bar? It is harder. But I guess it would be nice to know you can get 75cm official.

Ill make a new thread :smiley:

At least not for me, it depends on the way you can train.

I can barely train on obstacles but i have a highjumpbar in my garden.

On good days i can hit 85cm over bar (at Unicon for example) and i only hit 5 pallets after a few tries… its all in my head lol

I’m totally in, I can static SIF 66cm, and with a prehop, I can almost get 70cm, I’m working on incorporating the two

If any of you cant find anything 75cm and dont have pallets either use a bar or put a plank of wood on top of a picnic table

I’m in. But…I don’t want the little 75cm sig thing if I were to win, but I want to compete.


I’m in. My best so far is 62 cm SIF sidehop to pallets.

Seems like going from 62 to 75 is going to be a big step, but I’ll give it a shot. I haven’t worked on hops for a while.

Only losers wear the sigs anyways
Us cool kids take the internet seriously


Cool thread. 75 cm over a bar was the world record in June 2000, broken later that summer at UNICON in Beijing (to 82 cm, I think).


And now its what? 120cm??? Thats insane.

The progression has been huge. The world record at the 1999 U.S. nationals was only 62 cm, done on a 24" Muni that weight about 21 lbs. By 2001 the record was at 87.5 cm, which I think was the last time the height record was broken on a 24" muni. In 2002 it went to 90 cm at UNICON in Seattle, which tied Ot Pi’s longstanding 1980’s sidehop record on a trials bike. That was the last time I held the record; since then it has obviously gone way up.


Wow - had no idea the record was that low so recently.

I hit 64 cm to pallets today, so that’s progress.

And I broke the weld on my KH seatpost while attempting 67 cm. Hope Scott delivers my cf base and Thompson seatpost soon.

Wow, so much improvment. Thanks for the posts, I would have never known.

So today will be my first attempts to improve my high jump since I started this. A lot of homework and rain held me back. I am really not sure how I should try this, my sidehop is more consistant but I get lower on it (well if I didn’t slip i would be even) than my rolling hop.

im in to!
whats a sig anyways? sorry…
didn’t kelly hickman break the world record at the 2008 NAUCC?