**75cm Blind High Jump Competition**

Well here is a 75cm jump competition (doesn’t need to be over a bar). You can do it any way; static, rolling, Sif and whatever way works best for you.

The Rules:

-Can’t have landed a 75cm hop before.
-Must show measuring tape.
-Must be 75cm. Not 74.8cm.
-1st 2nd and 3rd recieve a siggy tag.
-Wait a bit for others to read this thread.
-Must be hopping in the direction you find hardest eg. blind
-No pedal grabs obviously
-Must be to tyre/rubber


I dont know how to gte the html box to show up without it turning into sig :S

If it’s you’re saying to jump the opposite way then would I rolling hop backwards

LOL yeh i wanted to change that but got there too late.I mean rolling sidehops ;).Gaby Costes got 105cm doing that lol.Unless you want to get it rolling backwards

you mean not have landed a 75cm hop blind before?
I don’t think anyone would go for that if they haven’t done it regular, but who knows? Someone might!

Im in though. My record that I have measured is 79cm side hop, 78cm rolling hop, and I’m guessing my blind record is around 55 or so cm.

Yes you’ll have to excuse Michael, hes a tad slow when it comes to clicking the edit button :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant have landed 75cm blind before …

damn, was about to make this thread and i searched.

i’m in. lol

i’ve got 55cm blind sif static so far! ima go for 65cm tomorrow…

i’m in this, i’ve never tried to do blind before…

lol i forgot about this.I may have already done it so ill leave it to you guys to try.I’ll post anyway if i film it