75 cm Sidehop competition


Another competition! tha comp. will start when we are 3 in!
simple rules:

)-O You mustn’t have done a 75 sidehop
)-O It must be 75 74,9 are NOT allowed!
)-O You must have a video proof

I’m in, but I’m only at 60, so it might be hard for me:)

I’m not in, but I’ll follow this thread.

I was at 62 cm, I think, when the last 75 cm comp started. It took me two or three weeks to get to 75. It seemed to just improve a little each day I worked on it.

It’s up onto a box or what ever you have that’s 75 cm…

So you can’t do it over a bar? Even though it is harder? Okay.

Are both rolling- and sidehops allowed?

rolling are not allowed only sidehops and if you find it easist to do it over a bar it’s alright…








I just reached 62 yesterday! I’m in.

I’m in i can do 67 cm right now

i can do a little more than 4 paletts now… i 'm in too :slight_smile:

can I enter with a hop over bar… 75cm is not very hard for me onto pallets… but it might a problem over bar…

hi im in although i wont have an awful lot of free time

i probaly won’t practise it that much, but i may as well give it ago. :smiley:

First of all I’m sure this competition will be over in 3 weeks. 3 more weeks and my sesamoid bone (under the big toe, ball of the foot) should be healed according to the pediatrist. I broke it ages ago with out knowing but I knew there was a bit of pain there. I would be in if my foot was better.

My highest is 70cm over a bar and I got 75cm onto a table but the I completely stuffed up ontop. So I guess I would not be elegible.

im in too

What about rolling sidehops? :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeremy if you’re making the trophy it’s alright

don’t ask that much Unigurd you can’t even enter…

I did 65cm easily yesterday now I have to find a 75cm ledge. But I was posting because in the sig trophys you wrote Sidehop, I think you mean Rolling hop!:stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: and you wrote: …rolling are not allowed only sidehops… you were a little bit mixed up right?:stuck_out_tongue:

This is the sidehop comp thread :wink:

WHAT!! :astonished: I was sure I saw rolling hop?! wait, is there a rolling hop comp too?

EDIT: yes there is a rolling hop comp… Sorry, but I can’t be in here:p


Im guessing a lot of you guys would have already landed it by now?

If not im in.