720 unispin

before you yell at me for not searching, I did do an advanced search and didn’t come up with anything useful. I was wondering, are they’re any videos of people doing 720 unispins?I’ve only seen 540, never anything more than that.


There’s a vid of Shaun doing one on www.sykoproductions.com

um, where? I looked but couldn’t find it.


that’s odd, I had sound but I couldn’t see it.

heres another one


Holy crap, that was the best 2 second video I’ve ever seen…

a friend of mine done a 720 unispin at the unicon with a 12" unicycle… :slight_smile:

this is the best 2 second video i’ve ever seen


its more like 2.5 seconds though :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, no offence to Shaun but this wins hands down

Have you guys not seen that before? It is in the Koxx one freestyle video.

that’s crazy. I have no clue how he can do that…

or some reason nothing comes up… what is he doing that wins shaun 720 unispin?

coasting, standing on seat.

If I am thinking right, there are only 4 people who have done 720s. Shaun, Andy Schwarz (sp?), and two other japanese riders that i do not know the name of (and no, I have not seen videos of any others besides shauns)

I liked them both

my friend who’ve done it on a 12" uni will put the video on the web when he will do it i’ll put the link here

While the stand-on-seat coasting is pretty cool too, it’s 3 seconds long, not two…so Shaun’s vid is still my favorite 2 second video.

nice, but the seat coasting is insane…

that was pretty sweet. I’ve never seen sombody do a 720 unispin

Xavier Collos can 720 unispin, its in most of his vids and I might be wrong, but I’m sure Dan Heaton can too. Feel free to correct me there but I know for sure Xav can.