720 unispin tutorial

Yo everyone!

Filmed a 7spin tutorial for all the people wanting to know this trick. Some of the things I say are a bit off. However I say it the way I do to tell you where your focus should be more than anything. If you don’t need to know how to do 7spins, or don’t care to know, you can just watch it for the numurous 7spins, or the sillyness for some of the things I say. ha. Enjoy.

-Shaun Johanneson

i’m not going to do them.
but i enjoyed watching it!


great video! i loved it, but i cant even 360 unispin yet lol. this has helped me with some stuff thought. thanks.

nice! but was it worth it to not wear a sweater to show off the logo?
looks cold!

shaun , i began to miss you :stuck_out_tongue:

cool , ur 720 spins look easy , that’s cool

Awesome! Argh! lol:D

Awesome, I think that will really help me. When I 540 I don’t think I jump off the uni much at all, my legs just get thrown outwards quickly.

WOW i liked it and it help…

Awesome, Great job man. I can’t do 540s yet, but this should also help me with them.

Did you wear gloves a lot when you were in Columbia?

Great! That’s exactly how I learned the 720’s… With the warm-up 540…
My hand position is different, so only the first half of the tutorial would have been helpful for me…

Can you do them rolling?

Have you tried 900s much yet? I think if you are that consistant with 720s on a bulky trials uni, a 900 wouldn’t be too far away if you used a lighter freestyle unicycle.

Great tutorial, reguardless of the amount of people who are at that level to learn.

May I suggest, or request you to make simpler tutorials? Maybe for the more basic tricks? Things like hicks, fakieflips, and backflips? Those are stuff I am dying to learn soon.

I get a kick out of your sense of humor, especially when you aren’t trying to be funny. Anxious to see your next vid!

Amazing, you just do them with ease. I know now the I’m doing everything right for the 540, just not hoping out so thanks.

Also, what’s with all you KH sponsored people stripping your frame? I saw Ryan Atkins and his is done too. What’s up with that?

I thought Luke started it, speaking of Luke, where has he been lately?

its a huuuuge trick. and you got it so mutch easy

thanks for the tips

You’re amazing man.

I’m going to second that you break down a simplier trick. You’re great at making tutorials, why not something like a 360 unispin (tutorial) - a trick that MANY could use help with.

I enjoyed watching that though, thanks :slight_smile:

ah man cant wait to give em 7 spins another try. Soon as i get home.

No, Muniaddict started it.
And mine is also striped (for like 8-9 months now), so not only KH factory riders do it.

Or maybe it is a slightly upgrade raw frame from Kris?
Who will tell?

Peter M

I simply love you Shaun :smiley: Even though I don’t need this tutorial at the moment, I really enjoyed watching it! Can’t wait for your next vid/tutorial :smiley:

Hey everyone,

I’m glad most of you could enjoy the tutorial. It was fun making. I think I will start making a little simplier tutorials that have the same outline as this 720unispin one. I like talking to the camera rather than voiceover work. The editting job is a lot shorter without the voiceovers.

For the frame, i’m riding a KH upgraded frame that came stripped. Sorry. I wouldn’t strip my frame. I just ride it how it is. lol
-Shaun Johanneson