720 unispin competition :D


  1. You must not have landed a 720 unispin before
  2. Must be on flat ground
  3. Must be 19" wheel or bigger
  4. Video proof needed
  5. Can be in-in, in-out, out-out, whatever you want
  6. Videos must be clear enough to see the trick
  7. The comp begins as soon as 3 people have entered

Anybody who wants to make the trophys?

Lets the comp begin :sunglasses:

I`m in, lol :smiley:

I’m in :wink:

I think i can get them…but not soon :o

but how many winners will there be (please let there be 5 so i might get the chance to be one of them) :o

im in, i cant get these or fifthflips to save my life…

I think there’s already a 720 unispin comp (720 Unispin Competition). But there are probably already 3 winners, so you can start a second thread :slight_smile:

im in, im feeling closer to these than i did tripleflips

I’m in! :wink:

Jeesuse! Everyones gonna be 7spining eventually. Good luck guys.

I’m in

Not everyone… I still can’t even 540 unispin.

I think you just need to bust a 900 soon…

Im in

its the way the sports progressing, 7spins arent as impressive as they once were (even though i still think theyre really impressive!)

what with people landing 900s and nearly 1080s who know what might come next

i m in

i´m in

5 winners and can anyone make trophys, please :smiley:

im in.

I’ll make trophies…

)-720unispin-'O,1st :sunglasses:

[B])-720unispin-'O,1st[/B]  :sunglasses: 

)-720unispin-'O,2nd :smiley:

[B])-720unispin-'O,2nd[/B] :D

)-720unispin-'O,3rd :slight_smile:

[B])-720unispin-'O,3rd[/B] :)

)-720unispin-'O,4th :stuck_out_tongue:

[B])-720unispin-'O,4th[/B] :p

)-720unispin-'O,5th :astonished:

[B])-720unispin-'O,5th[/B]  :astonished: 

I’m in, first i gotta win the 5spin and hickflip comps :o

when start the comp?

i think i does already start
because normaly comps start when 3 people join

the comp started after 3 peoples joined :stuck_out_tongue: