720 Spin?

has anyone ever landed a 720 spin…not a unispin but like a hoptwist. even off a drop ive never heard of anyone landing one. has someone?


Better yet, does anyone besides Dan Heaton do 540’s?

I’ve tried them, and it hurts my back…

i know xavier can, im pretty close

Dan does a 540 in UNiVERsE II, so I assume he can do 720’s now…

That was off a drop though in U2…
He did the 540 on flat in defect so he could probably do a 720 off something.

Andy Schwartz from Minnesota was the first (and I think only) person I ever personally saw do a 720 unispin. That was in 1998! But others have done it too. If I remember right it’s on One Wheel No Limit, but that might only be a 540. It is on the standard skills list I’m sure. Oh ok, I’ll look it up:Here it is - 7.0 points

I wonder if there are any video clips on line… “720 unispin” on Google, and voila, I found this clip of a unispin 720.

Here’s my favorite Google-related link lately: Tell your friends who ask before googling to go here


wow that guy defenatly cant read…

He can spell, punctuate, and capitalize, though.

At least he can write.

Dang, you beat me to it.

Well do you ever take your time and read stuff thuroughly on here, I dont, neither do I take the time to use proper grammer…As for the orig subject, I odnt know anyone that can…I know, that was a big help :wink:

yea man… honnestly I dont rlly care if I type bad… good job ppl u cna tpye better then me!

I go for speed usually… IL see an error and not fix it, I type like a talk, fast and hard to understand…

Ill second that

Me too, except I can understand him talking just fine…

the thing with 540’s-720s is you have to ‘fudge’ the landing, spin it so it gets the whole rotation…

Dan is the best at 5spins. No doubt. Xav i’ve seen bust off something, and I can do it on flat every once in awhile. (It’s close enough to look decent.) As for 7spins go, i know of know one to do it. Dan would be closest. I want to do one this summer. I don’t really have a chance at being first, since spinning is NOT my speciality (I suck).

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. eh… grammer, spelling, whatevv.

I have had conversations with my unicycle buddies about thise ‘fudge’-ing thing, and we generally come to the conclusion if you ‘fudge’ then it doesnt count. Authough it still looks damn fine mostly if done well. Why not ‘fudge’ the whole thing :wink: lol

can someone please explain ‘fudging’ for me?

i did a 720 off one of the downhill jumps on skis my coach was mad but i bet no one cares

and your coach was mad becuase???