720 seat spin!

Ok so I just tried this weird trick and what you do is start off hopping sif, loosen the seat (if you have a quick release) then hit the seat so it does a 720! it’s my new trick!

i mean very lol

A video clip would be cool.

I’ll try and get one up.

Do it in the air!

that would be tricky… you first.

Buy me a quick release clamp and i’ll pop one of those off a 6 set.:stuck_out_tongue:

what i wanna see off a six set is insted of spinnin the seat, hold the seat and spin the uni… with a crank flip of course

That would be sooo cool^^ once gordito8me buys me a quick realease I’ll go for it:D

I’ve got an extra one and I want to see that done. But I’m in Singapore… want to fly over?

Hmmm singapore eh? Well when I build my hang gliding mountain bike and attain my oompa loompa I’ll stop there after Britan and maybe hit Jamaca after. I dunno we’ll see.

whilst your in Jamacia can you grabe me one of those crazy dready beany hat holder things, i need one for my noggin.
and if you will kindly swing past Tassie on your way home and drop it off i will shout you to dinner somewhere nice.

Seems more like a novelty trick to do.

Cause if you loosen your seat post, and try to jump, down a set or gap to do the trick with, you will end up pulling the saddle and seat post right out of the uni.

With enough force you’d probably end up smacking your own face. =p

Novelty yes.
Could be accomplished with a specially made novelty unicycle.

Someone (Guy Hansen?) has made such a novelty unicycle. It has been at a couple of the USA conventions. The seat post is held in the frame by a bearing arrangement so the seat post is free to spin. Challenging to ride. Very much a novelty unicycle.

I have heard of the bearing setup that you mentioned. It sounds like a lot of fun.

The closest I have got to it though is using my friends uni and riding with the clamp unclamped. lol

It was quite fun, I almost manged to ride, take feet off the pedals, then spin myself on the seat, and then land back facing the original direction and pedal away, but I missed the pedal on the way around and fell. It was fun trying it.

I cant do it on my nimbus II frame though, cause if I unclamp my seatpost, it will fall through the frame and hit my tire.

Someone did the seat spin thingy on their cocker a while ago, and made a thread about it. I could find it but im too lazy. Anyway, it does seem rather novelty, and when you tighten it, it would probly be crooked, or at a different hight, that would cause problems.

um not to be mean but i dont think it has potentional. haha. why would ppl do those when theres unispins.

That is exactly what I was thinking…I don’t think it would look cool or be useful for anything. Easy too. So it would have like no difficulty and look bad imo.

Someone should make a novelty unicycle that has this bearing arrangement but have it so it gets activated by a clutch mechanism, either from a clutch-lever near the handle, or else maybe whenever all the weight’s taken off both pedals… haha better still, add a motor or else elastic mechanism so you’d have a button to make the wheel do heaps of unispins!

It would be kinda cool to do seat-in unispins where u just kick the wheel around…

The mechanism could be built in such a way that when you release the clutch, the seat won’t lock into place again until it hits a perfect alignment with the wheel.