720 flip

I was just wondering if anyone know’s wether Krisz Kovacs actually landed a 720 unispin flip? if so do you know if there is a vid anywhere…

Actually the real reason im posting is for some advice i just thought that the title might make people read it :P, my kh 20 has a buckled rim, wrecked hub and broken spokes because some smart cookie left it behind the car and it got backed over, THANKS NATH!! and also it has a broken seat base and bent seat post from riding.

so my idea was: get a kh wheel set and put my 137’s on it, get a CF seat base and maybe one of the gusseted qu-ax seat posts with a sleeve to change from 27.2 to 25.4 or whatever the smaller qu-ax size is.

Any other suggestions for maybe a cheaper way to get the same sort of outcome?


sam :slight_smile:

Buy a new uni!

ha ha thats the funniest thing ive heard someone say to get attention on there thread, i might make the title of the thread of my next video. Guy dies falling off unicycle video!

A nimbus ISIS trials. (with the other parts you said…)

But my frame and cranks are still ok!! hahaaha yeah i thought about that but to get all the parts i said is only like $AUS 350 with postage and it will be stronger then a new uni and a new one is still like $AUS 600 - 800 so yeah i dunno, its not really urgent yet as i can still ride mine i just wouldnt want to do any big drops on it!! or land on the front of the seat again and it feels wierd to ride cos the seat is so bent!! anyways i’ll have to find some funds and order some stuff. :slight_smile:

Hahaha that will get everyone to look at the thread for sure!! :stuck_out_tongue: mine worked ok though a few people have looked :slight_smile:

so is that a wheel set? and it would be pretty much as strong as a kh one eh? actually i just had a look on municyle.com and it seems to be stronger by the look, but heavier though doesnt have the holes, also it doesnt look quite as cool :stuck_out_tongue: haha , not a bad idea though :slight_smile: thanks

WOW thats really scary, who has walls like that anyways , so high with a dro on both sides!! its just silly, also how the heck did he get up there!! … when i die i want it to be trying something courageous like this!! :slight_smile: any suggestions for my uni emile?