720 attempt- advice needed

I apologize if this doesn’t deserve its own thread, but…

Here is one of my closer attempts at a 720 unispin

Basically, I’m just looking for what I’m doing WRONG and RIGHT.


You seem to be throwing the seat foward too much. Use your backhand to throw it harder so it doesnt fly foward. Watch Shaun’s tutorial if you don’t understand.

If you pause the video when the unicycle has done 540 it looks great. But the unicycle doesn’t land straight up and you can only attempt to get your left foot on. Your frontfoot isn’t close to being on the pedal/crank.

why do you do that??? go out and train harder! they will come by itsefls. you will learn how to do them!

i don´t think that it helped you that max told you what you have done wrong :roll_eyes: imagine everybody would ask… hey guys what do i wrong with my backrolls?? - thats stupid! i also got it without asking what i could do better :stuck_out_tongue:

i would rather say go out and commit it and don´t think all the time :wink:



Wrong: You didnt land it.

LoL :smiley:

I agree with Felix, just practice, then one day you’ll get it (thats how it worked for me)! But not to get your hopes down but I still think you have a ways to go before you land it. But keep practicing, also a helpful tip is to roll into the 720 and take one jump before you spin.